Friday, February 27, 2009


I have been trying to get things in order for when I start treatment. This is not too easy. I have all sorts of pains. My leg where the phlebitis is causing my knee to swell and my hip is really sore. I haven't done anything to cause this. I have done exactly what the doctor said, took my medicine, but it seems worse. It is difficult to write much when you are not feeling well. I was thinking the other day that this last surgery was my fourteenth surgery. I guess it takes a little longer to bounce back after surgery at my age.

I have been working on the Music website for church some. It is a strange program and there is a little learning curve. I really should take a class. I also decided to help with the Hispanic Ministry and create a website for them. That will be mainly cut and paste since I don't speak Spanish. Although I can read some.

I was talking with my mother today. My sister, Cindy, will be going to her house to stay with her while she has her lens replaced in her eye. I am so glad that someone will be there with her. I will either be in chemo or radiation so I can't go.

I have received so many beautiful cards. I just love them. I look through them each day. Yesterday, after breakfast, I sat down and started writing notes. I don't think it ever really hit me before what a powerful impact they have on people. Just think, someone thought enough of you to spend their time, write a compassionate note, address an envelop, place a stamp on it and make sure the postman gets it. That is so much nicer than an email, or phone call. So, I wrote a few thank you cards, a few sympathy cards, some get well cards, and a few birthday cards. Ray was shocked. He knows that I hate snail mail. This morning, I had more. Go figure. Now that I have time, why shouldn't I brighten someone else's day.