Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today is my appointment with Dr. Hopson. I am really dreading it. Everytime I see him, he says the "c" word. I almost wish he didn't get the result from the MRI I had last Friday. Prayer Warriors, Unite!

Cresenti Williams called me this morning. She has moved to VA Beach and we really miss her. Her day off changed from Wed to Thu and she is no longer at church for dinner on Wed. She made it to choir practice last night and Ray told her to give me a call. She is a manager at JC Penney. I never realized how hard that kind of job could be. She seems to work all the time. We have been trying to get something going so she can retire. (3 more years) She is such a wonderful Christian woman. She could be a great motivational speaker or teacher.

I will add more when I get home. Love to all, Barbara