Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I went to dinner at church tonight. It was wonderful, as always: thin-sliced pork, macaroni & cheese, baked apples, salad, and ice cream sandwich. But, the most important element of the evening is the fellowship. I just love being there. I went to the library and saw Betty and purchased new Open Windows Devotional Book for me and Dot. It helps keep me grounded. It has Read the Bible in a Year in it. It teaches discipline.

So many people spoke to me tonight that I don't normally speak to. I got hugs and everyone seems to be praying for me. Judy and Marc were there. I am probably going to join her circle group. I didn't realize that yesterday was the day they met, so I have a month to decide.

I found the information that Dr. McKenna was talking about. Genomic Health ( actually sent me a brochure on the Oncotype DX test ( It is a diagnostic test that helps identify which women with early-stage, estrogen receptor-positive and lymph node-negative breast cancer are more likely to benefit from adding chemotherapy to their hormone treatment. The test also helps individual woman understand the likelihood of having her breast cancer return. It is the diagnostic test that involved sending a part of the tumor off after my surgery. Unfortunately, it hasn't come back yet. I have another appointment with Dr. McKenna on the 9th. The radiation was supposed to start on the 10th, but if it is decided to do chemo, then it will be put off for 25 weeks while I do chemo. So, you see, I really need all the prayers I can right now. I really don't want to do chemo.

Prayer Warriors unite! I need you now!
Lord, I pray for your goodness, for your mercy, help those who are in want in these difficult times. Be with our country, our state, our city, our homes in all that we do. No matter what happens Lord, most of us love you. Help those who don't know you to open their eyes to your love. We ask your forgiveness for our transgressions. Keep us safe so that we may serve you, Lord. We ask these things in your Son's precious name, Amen.