Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well! Radiologist today. Dr. Layzer says that I will have to go through 28 days of radiation therapy, but that won't start until the middle of March. I need more time to heal. It was a nice office in the Riverside Cancer Center. I sure was wishing that it was the first and last time I was going to see it. Turns out I get a card with my picture on it to scan each time I go in and have a treatment. I even got my picture taken today. Dr. Lazer was very patient and explained everything to me. They gave me a notebook full of phamplets to read. The nurse was very sweet and we really hit it off. Both of us could talk down any hostage situation.

I called mother before I got home. I think she was a little upset because I had to do the radiation, but I am just grateful I didn't have to do the Chemotherapy. Of course, I always look on the bright side. There I go with the 3/4 cup full again.

Wednesday night dinner at church was great. There was beef tips and rice, with carrots and peas. It was nice to be back. Kitty Turner was the only one who rode with me tonight. Dot Riley had guests for dinner so she couldn't go with us. Judy & Marc Gatlin were there with us for dinner, but they left soon afterward.
Ray had to go to the Lions Eye Bank Board Meeting at Norfolk General. Jim, Jocelyn, and Johnny ate with us. Everyone was so supportive and gave me big hugs. They were all so loving. It was so good to be there again; missing two weeks is not good. They have all been praying for me. I thank the Lord every day for my wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. I went down to the Children's Wing and saw Susie Webb about working on the children's website. Someone had left a present for me but she would not tell me who it was. She made me open it and it was a small silver cross. That was so sweet, but I cannot imagine who it was.

We are going to be at the Governor's Ball this weekend in Williamsburg. The District has booked us a room at the hotel since we are donating our DJ services for the dance. We have done this for quite a few years now. It is something we really enjoy and the District saves a lot of money that can be used in other areas. Ray is also the District and State Parliamentarian for VA. That means that we get to go to the State Convention every May. I really wanted to go to the USA/Canada forum in Memphis, but it looks like we won't make it this year. It is in Memphis and it would have been a great trip.

I spoke to my son in NC and he is sick with a cold. I gave him a bottle of XanGo and he hasn't drank it yet. I have not had a cold since I have been drinking it or a sinus infection, neither has Rhonda. He has to go to work in the morning, so he has to get better soon.

My sister, Linda called today. She was checking up on me. She is very special. We have always had a connection, even when we didn't see each other for long periods. We just slip back into that comfortable mode of communication and make each other laugh. Laughter can be the best medicine sometimes. She invited us to come down for a visit when all this is over. We might just take her up on it.

Ray just came in; he went to the dedication of the new Lions Medical Eye Bank & Hearing Research Center of Eastern Virginia in Norfolk. It was dedicated to Lion Edward "Moon" Kosjer, PID (Past International Director of Lions Clubs International). In 1978, Lions District 24-D voted to establish an independent eye bank in Norfolk. The first Executive Director was Lion "Moon" Kosjer, and the Medical Director was Bruce I. Bodner, MD. Over the past 30 years, more than 18,000 corneas and ocular tissue grafts have been provide for transplant from Tidewater Region donors. Today was the celebration of the fortitude and vision of a man who, along with the partners at Sentara Healthcare and Lions District 24-D, has made an indelible mark on history of eye care and sight restoration in Virginia, the United States, and around the world. The new Lions Medical Eye Bank Facility at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital is the culmination of hope for patients and health care professionals and a dream realized for a man we all love.

Just after the ceremony, news came from the hospital that Lion "Moon" had passed away. He had been very ill for a very long time, but had come to most meetings except this one. They had given out pins with his name and the date of 11 February 2009 on the lapel pins. I am sure that Lion Moon is looking down with a smile on his lips and God is saying "Well done, my good and faithful servant." We will miss this wonderful man. He was one of the first men I met on the District Board and he always had a smile and a hug for me.

The picture is Past International President, Lion Jimmy Ross, Lion Barbara Duke, & and our own Past International Director, Lion Robert "Moon" Kosjer.
Devotions to be done.