Monday, February 23, 2009


I saw Dr McKenna today (oncologist). He had the results from the MRI I had Friday, but not the results from the test they had to send off for the OnCo Type test (?). The results from the tests so far are alright.

The 87% chance of living 10 more years he told me last time was good, but the not so good thing that he told me today was that I have a 72% chance of having a recurrence in ten years. It kinds of depends on this other test. It is an extensive testing of the tissue they removed during surgery. I see him again on Mar 9, the day before I go to start radiation. If we decide to do chemo, we will put off the radiation until it is done. Chemo would be 25 weeks and then 6 weeks radiation, then hormone therapy.

Oncotype test is what he called the test. I am going to look it up and do a little more research on the American Cancer Society ( website tomorrow.

I am meeting with Dennis and Beverly to discuss a web page for the FBCNN Music Ministry on our Church website at 12:15 Tuesday. I have some ideas and a reasonable knowledge of the site. Bev sent me some things that are coming up in the near future that I can incorporate in the site. ( . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dear Lord, Protect us all today. I love you, Lord, Amen