Monday, February 9, 2009


We decided to go to NC for the weekend and finally got away from the house at nearly 4:00 p.m. I have a laptop and while we were driving, I researched the National Institute of Health Website to figure out what questions to ask the Oncologist on Tuesday. The information provided on this site is comprehensive although clearly written above eighth-grade level that most newspapers and magazines are written. I have found over the years I have been on the Internet, most people write at a much higher level than what is considered the norm. When we finally got tired of trying to figure out all the medical terms, we went to WebMD. That is more like it. We understood it so much better.

I was beginning to formulate questions in my mind. By the time we arrived in Ft. Barnwell, my voice was hoarse from reading to Ray for 3 hours. We certainly learned a lot. I don't know why I hadn't looked it up before. My sister, Jan, said I was in denial. And, I guess we all know in cases like these, denial is not a river in Egypt.

We got to Ft. Barnwell about 8 p.m. Rhonda came over with Taylor in her new tap dance costume. What a cutie! I brought the children books I bought from FBCNN library. Rhonda is a kindergarten assistant and she has the twins reading on a second and third grade level. I wanted to have books there for them to read for me.

I was a little wound up and stayed up until almost 2 a.m. It gave me a chance to meditate and get my thoughts together and talk with God. He is so Good, All the Time!. He will always have the last word. His word for me was to rest in Him. When I finally got in the bed, I slept very well. PRAISE THE LORD!

February 8, 2009
Beverly Parker sent me an email to let me know about Ruby and how she is progressing and feels comfortable staying by herself at night now that Regina from SC has left. She has tel #'s to call and her neighbors to call on if she needs something. Nancy has scheduled folks to come in 10-12 and 12-2 just like she did when Regina was here each day thru next Saturday. She also wanted me to know that if I find that I need someone to sit with me if Ray has to be away, to call her and she will work out folks to do that for me. She is so sweet. She works tirelessly for the church and its’ ministry. We are really fortunate to have her with us and thank the Lord constantly for her loving care.