Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Anomia - What?

When I saw Dr. Cole the other day, he told me that forgetting words when I am talking is called:
  • Anomia - Problem with word finding, impaired recall of words with no impairment of comprehension or the capacity to repeat the words.
I told him about being at a bylaws meeting. I was trying to explain something about
parliamentary procedures and was unable to find some of the words. At first, they helped me out and then they just started filling in the blanks, until I broke down and laughed so hard, I almost peed my pants. I felt like I was on a game show and everyone was throwing words at me. It really was funny. I am not sure the doc thought so.

I am trying so hard to keep a positive outlook. I did this about this time last year and the neurologist, and neurological psychologist put me through the wringer with numerous tests, and then after a couple of months, I was fine. My rheumatologist says it is Fibro Fog. Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis both cause inflammation. Inflammation seems to the the probable cause in most diseases, from what I have read. I have read so many medical articles, I am beginning to understand the big words.

This morning, I was watching Rachael Ray. They were talking about natural beauty enhancements that are chemical free. Actually, most come from the refrigerator. 

  • If your skin on your elbows, knees, or feet are so dry they are noticeable to others or itch, you can use the skin from an avocado you are using for cooking.  (I guess it would work for other body parts also.) Rub it on the area for a minute, let it stay for a few minutes, wash off, and apply Olive Oil. 
  • Rubbing the inside skin of a banana on acne spots for about 2 minutes, twice a day will help get rid of acne within a couple of weeks.
  • San Tropez self-tanning oil seems to be the best way to disguise veins in your legs since childbirth, being overweight, standing on your feet a lot.
Just some nifty tidbits I picked up. I hope you are enjoying your summer? 

God is Good, All the Time!
All the Time, God is Good!

Ilium from the back garden, 5 ft tall

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Moral Compass

Did you ever wonder why there are evil or immoral people who always seem to be getting everything they want for themselves and there are moral people who never get any breaks? I think it has more to do with the way you were raised. Did your parents encourage you to be all you could be? Did they set a good example for you? Or maybe their parents just let them run wild. Did they set such a bad example that every decision they made is predicated on being the exact opposite of what their parents would do?

I think that upbringing has a distinctive influence on who we turn out to be. But, even if our childhood was bad, we have the choice to go one way or the other. It is sad that there seems to be people who do not have a moral compass. They really do not have a sense of right and wrong. It is almost like some brain cells are missing. They go through life thinking that the world owes them a living. They have their hand out all the time.

Somehow, they got it into their heads that they are the "Center of the Universe " and everyone should revolve around their world. They think that it is alright to have sex with anyone they want, wherever they want, with no regard to other people. They are trying to destroy the sanctity of marriage.

They think that drugs or alcohol are okay, even good, and believe that they should just do whatever feels good, with no regard to other people.  They go through life blowing smoke on other people: cigarettes, marijuana, or now, electronic smoke. Just sliding through life taking and never giving.

I have seen smart people, who would put in hours or days into thinking of slick things to do to cheat others, the government, or even their own family. If they would put all that concentration into something positive, just imagine what a wonderful world this could be. Sometimes we think they are just lazy, but that is not the case. They spend so much time trying to circumvent the system, that they are continually holding out their hands for other people to financial support them all their lives.

Muslim countries seem to be condoning all kinds of atrocities. They want us to give up our freedoms and put ourselves back into the Middle Ages where women were hidden and abused, where only men ruled, where all were punished horribly for small transgressions. They offer no forgiveness, they undermine our values as Christians, Jews, etc. 

The Koran, which has been rewritten hundreds of times to reflect what any influential Muslim says that Allah told them. Allah is a very vengeful god, which should not mean anything because there is no god but our God, Jehovah. Mohammed was not even a good  Prophet. He has to ask his wife's advice before he did anything. 

The Center of the Universe. (Isn't that how we felt when we were six?)  


Monday, June 16, 2014

Dear Email Friends and others.

Have you ever opened up your email program and discovered that you had over a thousand emails? I have. Not to mention, I have #Gmail, which means that to sort emails, I have to guess who they are from if there is no company listed. I tend to delete emails when I don't recognize the name. 

This started the wheels turning and I remembered when I was working for the Air Force as an Executive Assistant. I was there when we transitioned to computers from word processors. I was actually the first secretary to have a computer on my desk in our division, possible our command. After a few months, with more and more people coming on line, we realized that some changes had to be made. 

 It was a little easier there, because the office symbol was included with email from others on base. Then there were emails that involved specific tasks, so we learned to put a suspense date in the subject. When I went to the audit agency, we would enter the project number and subject for each audit. Everything became so organized, which we all know makes our lives better.

In the past 5 years since I retired, I have become increasing prolific on my computer. I do newsletters and blog posts. I also am a member of my church, the Women's Club, the Lions Club, the National Association of Parliamentarians, etc. Each one of these organizations and all the other things that I have joined on line come into my #Gmail box. Most of the time, I recognize the person's name, but sometimes I do not.  This means I might have to open it up. It does fall under the category of "UNKNOWN" like phone calls from telemarketers (which I never answer).

Then there are the sneaky marketers that squeeze under the SPAM controls with what looks like a personal email. I make sure their next email is entered under SPAM where I will never have to see it.

I am asking a favor for myself, but it may help you also, especially for those of us who get hundreds of emails a day. Could you please enter "Descriptions" for your email in the subject line? 

                FBC - Prayer Concerns
                FBC - Deacon​s
                FBC  - Staff
Women's Club:
                GFWC - National
                NNWC - Social 
Lions Clubs:
                NNlions - Projects
                Lions District 
                Lions International 

I would be able to organize my email easier, and so would you, not to mention, send an answer quicker. You could even "flag" the email if it is time-sensitive.

I have been known to delete emails that I didn't recognize who it was from because of SPAM, Viruses, etc.

Thanks for your consideration, 
Barbara Duke
Professional Encourager



Friday, June 13, 2014

HELP! HAMPTON ROADS VA - Bring your Family to Spirit Night

We really need your HELP 


Come out and join the Newport News Host Lions Club on Thursday, July 24th from 5 pm to 8 pm for the Lions Chick Fil A "Spirit Night!!" Dine at Chick fil A of Yoder Plaza & Victory Blvd (near Patrick Henry Mall), and 10% of all the proceeds from that night goes to helping the Lions Club to continue to provide many great services for children and the local community. .

. Bring your kids, family, co-workers, team mates, anyone you want, and help support a great organization and valuable services. Feel free to share/print this post!! Hope to see all of you there....Wink! 


#PayItForward — with Lions Rose Mary, Katrina, Earl, Ray, Barbara Kevin, JimmyJoseph & Linda at 

Newport News VA!


Who Buys Followers?

This is a no-brainer for me. Do not waste your time. You should never purchase followers. 

Followers that are purchased are bots and if someone checks your account for a job, there are ways to tell if your followers are real people or bots. 

If they find that your 5K followers are mostly paid for, why should they hire you to tweet for them. Bots do not buy goods, go to movies, eat gourmet food, etc. 

I have almost 98K followers and I would be willing to bet that at least 94 percent are real.

I actually unfollow people who have not been online in a couple of months. If they stay away from the Internet two months, then it was a flash in the pan to them. Unless someone turns them on to it again, they probably decided to live their real life, not their online life. 

If you were the CEO of a company trying to get your message out, why would you hire someone that only had about 20 percent real followers. It is better to have 10K real followers than 1M bought followers. 

There are programs that can check your followers to see your percentages. I was hired for a social media advocate job a couple of years ago because even though I had a good reference, they checked my Twitter account. I had 90 percent active followers, 6 percent inactive followers, and 4 percent bots.

I did not know they could check this, but I wanted to follow each one of those people myself. I did not want to have a bunch of sex-crazed perverts following me. I check each one and if there is any sexual innuendo, profanity, or hate speech, I block them. I do not want to see that, and do not want my name associated with them. 

I like nice, kind, positive people and most of my followers are nice, kind, positive people. If they are not, I engage and see if I can help to change their attitude about how Social Media should be handled. If they continue to cause me a problem, I block them. I do not tolerate rudeness. Would you?

One thing I never do is argue with people online. I do not tell them what I think lots of times, I just bow out of the conversation. Life is just too short to be at odds with other people. 

The message is this: Put in the effort to get your own quality followers, you will thank me in the end.

Barbara Duke 
Brand Advocate
Professional Encourager
Thoughts of Pink


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jimmy Fallon Makes me Laugh

Tonite, Tom Cruise is on the Tonite Show. He is such a handsome man. Jimmy and Tom are talking about his new movie, Edge of Tomorrow, with Emily Blount. Looks like and interesting movie, but just a little violent for my taste. I really liked him most in Top Gun and I love Jimmy Fallon because he makes me laugh. 

I heard that laughter can make you feel better and even in some cases really make you heal better. It is exercise for the internal organs. It is also such a positive thing for your brain. I try to watch things that will make me laugh. Jimmy Fallon makes me laugh. Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmell, David Letterman - Not so much.
My favorite!

I saw a new program the other night "Last Comic Standing." It was so good. Rosanne Barr is one of the judges and I was surprised at how good she looked. She may be older, but looks younger than she did 20 years ago. I laughed and laughed. It was on prime time and not unnecessarily profane. I never could understand why dirty words are considered so funny. Most jokes would be just as funny without the profanity. It is really not necessary. Profanity kind of gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I used to swear when I was younger. I had a girlfriend that swore with every other breath. My husband at the time mentioned it to me and said that maybe I should stay away from her because I was picking up her barroom language. I do not think that she had ever been in a barroom, but she was from the mountains in West Virginia and not only did she swear, she did it in the most hideous Southern accent.


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Here I Sit

Here I sit in front of my computer wondering what to write, even though my right hand and arm are in so much pain, I had to double my pain medications this morning. Rheumatoid Arthritis is the pits. 

You wake up, and before you can even get up to go to the bathroom, you lie there and think of all the things you want to do today. Do not think too fast, check out what is going on with your body. Can you get up? Wiggle your toes. Can you walk? Flex your feet. Are they numb? You have so many questions in your head before you can even lift it off the pillow.

I sit up and turn to get up; I feel the pain in my feet and hands. This morning, there is also that awful pain in my back and shoulders. I raise myself up and the headache hits. Ouch! I make my way to the bathroom and wash my face and take care of other things, then on to the kitchen and coffee.  I am so glad we have a one-cup at a time machine. I couldn't lift a whole pot of coffee. I find my protein bar and go to the recliner.

Mitzee - Shipoo
My husband is sitting down and reading the paper. Mitzee decides she wants to go out, so I walk out with her. She decides to wander around the yard and I end up going after her in my socks. She runs to the back door, leaving me to make it back up the steps. Oh, well, she doesn't know how I feel. We are having trouble training her to poop outside. I guess that when our granddaughter sent her, we should have considered giving her to someone else. She was so tiny then, and I just loved her from the minute I set eyes on her.  

SnowBall (MaltyPoo) w/Mitzee
I know what you are thinking. What is wrong with Barbara today? She is just boring. Well, I guess I feel boring.

I have been watching TV all morning and one thing that really bothered me was the women on #TheTalk. They are trying to ruin Justin Beiber's career again. Someone put out a video where he sang about the N-Word and the KKK. It was obvious that it was made when he was around 14 or 15, when he was still living at home in Canada. Hopefully, he has a little more Moxey now, and isn't intentionally degrading any people or race. The thing that really bothers me, is that #theTalk and  #theView are getting more and more picky, raunchy, and racist. They are looking for things like this to stir up controversial subjects.

It almost seems like they are just doing it for shock value and ratings. 

I used to love the programs because they discussed pertinent women's topics, not just gossip. I have always had tremendous respect for Julie Chen, but today when she was talking about Justin Bieber, she looked almost evil.

Now, there is my soapbox issue for the day. Who cares about pain when there are so many issues around that people do not give a hoot about.