Sunday, March 1, 2009


Sunday. It was a wonderful Sunday Morning! It was raining and cold, but Ray sang a solo in church for both services. "Silent Strength" was the song he sang. He had a wonderful introduction and the song was beautiful, not to mention his renditions was awesome. I know we all enjoyed it because everyone was telling me so, and I am sure that God knew what a worship experience it was for Ray and for each one of us. Ray has such a God-given Gift.

We were so blessed this morning. We had enough ushers for both services. We don't always, but today was wonderful. Everyone came through. I wasn't feeling so well and I could have stayed home, but then I would have missed Ray's song. I just can't do that. I appreciate all the ushers on my team so much, they are there and help with the service every week. I know God loves them (And, so do I!). I was able to rest my leg in the Bride's room this morning. Thank you, Lord!

I had a talk with a young girl this morning during bible study time in the grooms room by the Sanctuary. I was feeling bad and she came in. (I think she might have been trying to avoid Sunday school.) We had a long talk and she has some real issues in her life. I think I was able to give her options and she has my card now if she ever needs to talk or needs anything else that I can help with. I know her mother and I am going to call her and see what I can do. I told the girl that I would talk with her mother, so I am not breaking her confidence. I think the Lord opened a door for me to help make a difference in her life. I am going to pray about it.

I know that some people will think this strange, but God has been talking to me again. He wants our church to pay off the debt on His education building. I told Rob Brown and June Ray this morning. He spoke to me about 6 years ago about giving the old church to Zoe Community Church and October 28, 2007, we gave the old church building to Zoe Community Church. I have been hearing His voice again. (I know the old adage that when you talk to God it is called prayer; when God talks to you it is called schizophrenia.) It is time to rally the troops and retire the debt. It may be He wants us to be debt free for our new pastor. That would be great!

I am sure that we can do this. "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me" is the appropriate prayer. We can do all things! Christ has blessed our church so much, and the blessing is going to come again.

It is snowing outside.

Devotion and Prayer time. Gospel of Mark.