Thursday, November 19, 2009


Minor things going on, like my protyme blood tests are too high. We keep having to adjust the Coumadin. If I have too much, I bruise really easy. I have little bruises all over my arms and legs. The steroids are making me nervous. But, overall, I think I am feeling better. I get tired,  but just not so fast. There is a strange catch in my lungs sometimes that they can not figure out. Oh, well, Maybe Dr Miller can.

I have been enjoying FarmVille & FarmTown on Facebook with Garrett & Taylor. They had spent all their money and didn't have enough to plant new crops, so Rhonda let me into the account and I have been able to help them. Now I find ways to help them earn money to plant crops during the day and they spend it at night. LOL!

I did spend Veterans Day with my favorite Veteran, my dear Ray. There was a Lion's Eyebank Meeting at Norfolk Sentara this evening but he was home by 7 or so.

I am still in some pain and I mention for those who may be going through this in the future. The prednisone seems to be helping for now. I will see Dr. Miller on the 19th and have more tests about the joint pain. The chest pain is my lung and they seem to think that I have some scar tissue there. It causes me to do this almost hiccup thing every once in a while. It isn't actually a hiccup or sneeze, but quite involuntary anyway.

I am really enjoying being back at church on Wednesday nights. Our Pastor, Dale Seley is a very good Bible teacher. I learned a lot of information that I had no idea about. Funny, when Dr. Everet taught, I was more on the college level and knew what he was talking about. Dale talks about other denominations and what they believe. I have never been that interested in the minor differences between Baptist denominations.

Anyway, God is Good, All the Time!
Love to all, Barbara

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SweetTweets PINK

I am in the pink today. Feeling very good, thank you. It has been a normal week with its ups and downs. There have been good days and bad days.

I did get an appointment finally with Dr. Miller the Rheumetologist on 19 Nov. When I went for my protime this week, it was up a little. I also saw my NP (Cliff Pyne) this week. My chest xray they took last week didn't show any pneumonia, but there is something there. He and Dr. Schlesinger seem to think that there is an auto-immune problem and maybe Dr Miller can find out what it is. I know that I occasionally have a problem breathing and there is pain in my chest sometimes. I am still sleeping practically sitting up. It makes for tweeting in the middle of the night sometimes because I wake up and cannot go back to sleep, so I Tweet!

I rode to Richmond with Ray last Friday. He had a BGAV (Baptist General Association of VA) meeting in preparation for the Conference the next week in Fredericksburg.
I sat in the conference room downstairs and worked on my laptop while he was in the meeting. He was able to give the new officers the benefit of his expertise in parliamentary procedures.

Cresenti Williams came by today and had lunch with me. We had seafood salad, boiled eggs, and cottage cheese, w/ Triscits. Very good. She went to a bible study and Mary Lynch's house and I will see her at church later.

I am looking at all the cards I have received. There must be close to 350 cards in the basket now. I had to get a bigger basket.

Twitter has been a lot of fun lately. They have opened up a lists feature that you can share with certain people. That will make it so you can have many lists, like family, friends, SweetTweets, etc., I am excited.

I am taking my ladies and gentlemen to church tonight. I am happy about that. I finally feel better and it shouldn't be a problem taking them. They are so grateful to be able to go again. There has been a lady that takes them sometime, when her car is running. I appreciate so much that she has been able to fill in. My immune system should be such that I will be alright being around that many people.

The Governor for Lions District 24-D was at our Lions meeting last Monday. He presented me with the Lions' President's Award for creating the Facebook page for Lions, District 24D, Virginia. The 1st Vice District Governor, Lion Donna Weiler has been adding things to the page and doing a great job.

The Matthews Lions Club made sure that we had December 12th open so we can DJ their Christmas Party at the Matthews Yacht Club. We have been doing their party for about 6 years. It is so much fun. The food is excellent and the people are great. Any Lions interested in going could let us know and we could sign you up for the party. The cost is $25. per person.  It is a wonderful night of fun, food, fellowship (and dancing). Ray sings selected show tunes and if Lion Debbie Ivey is there, she will be imitating Patsy Cline. She does such a good job.

Think I better go and take a nap so I can go to church tonight. I love you all!