Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 lbs Down!

Peanut Butter Meal Bars. We also bought some Atkins frozen dinners. I like the chicken and turkey dinners, and Ray likes the meatloaf and Italian sausage dinners. I had to make a special place in the fridge to hold all that Ray bought. I also made some chicken soup with bouillon cubes, a little butter, and lots of salad leaves, like kale and mustard. Also, added some coleslaw mix veggies. Most of the veggies burn more calories than they provide when you eat them. The soup was wonderful. We have had two dinners out of the pot.

We have been trying not eating anything before bed. Those things tend to go right to the middle and stay there. Sometimes I do have a small piece of Cheddar Cheese when I take my bedtime medicine. Otherwise, they back up on me.

I absolutely hate exercise. Since the weather has been just right, I have decided to direct my exercise toward the garden. Here are some perennials that my mother gave me. Aren't they beautiful? I have been weeding the flower beds. I can surely feel the thighs shrinking. There were some weeds that were almost as tall as the flowers. It has rained quite a bit, so they were easier to pull out. If you look carefully, you can probably see the weeds. The red flowers are from an Abraham Lincoln Rosebush. They are like velvet and so red. On the other side of the bed, I have the JFK Rose which is really white. I have rose bushes all over. Seems like there is usually one blooming most of the time.

Then, imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale this morning and I was 10 pounds down. It is the most wonderful feeling when you see that scale with less than there was last time. Another great thing was wearing my new jeans yesterday. When I bought them 2 weeks ago and brought them home, they were too small to get together around my waist and my thighs were tight. When I put them on yesterday, I could actually button the waist and the thighs were not too tight. The place to get to will be when they are baggy and I have to give them away.

I really didn't want to buy fat clothes, but over the past year, I have acquired a few.  Hopefully, soon, I can give them away and get back into my smaller clothes.

If anyone would like to comment or submit a guest blog, I would love it. It would be great to have interaction and encourage each other about our weight problem.

 This was me at Christmas, Look at those hips! Wow!

I always said that I am going to write the worlds smallest diet book and it is going to have 2 pages: first page says - Eat Less; second page says - Move More! If we could all do that, we would have a more comfortable life.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nostalgia Pink

Tonight, on #smmanners (Social Media Manners-Twitter), we had an open-mic night. Somehow, we got to talking about things that used to be: Howdy-Doody, so I mentioned Clarabelle; Mr. Green Jeans, so I mentioned Captain Kangaroo, and so on and so on. We chatted about vinyl records, the over 300 33-rpms that I have in my shop. I have some original Elvis, and the Beatles. Remember "Hang on Sloopy"?

There are lots of Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Billy Joe Royal, etc. There are a lot of religious recordings. Tennessee Ernie Ford was one of my favorite as a child. Ray must have belonged to the Columbia Record Club too. Some are doubles.

There are a lot of memories on those records. We have a new turntable and have tried a few. They sound pretty good. Ray and I had a DJ Business for about 15 years. We belonged to Parents Without Partners and one Friday night, the Juke Box broke. I went home and to my LPs and my stereo. We had our dance anyway. The next week, Ray brought his stereo, so we had two, not so much lag time between music.

I remember that my son, Jeff came to visit. He gave me a CD of Fleetwood Mac that I could play in the car, but then Ray bought a CD player so we could play our 1 CD. The next thing he bought was another CD player that you could program and play 3 CDs randomly. Then there were speakers, and then a microphone to make announcements. Ray found Karoke CDs and the next thing you know, he was singing Frank Sinatra songs and the ladies were swooning.

Actually, Country and Western music was really popular then and everyone was learning line dancing. I ended up teaching line-dancing, because I could dance but couldn't carry a tune.

Our chat tonight brought up some really wonderful memories. Just thinking about a song, brings up lots of good and bad memories. "I Want to Know What Love Is" after a bad break-up, There were so many break-up songs, you wondered if song writers' ever wrote happy songs. Then "Don't Worry, Be Happy" came out.

Billy Ray Cyrus was on TV the other day. He sure has held up well. We were all doing the "Electric Slide" until he came out with "Achy Breaky Heart". That was a difficult one to learn because it had so many steps before a repeat. But, once we caught on, we learned to do it to so many songs. I have a book full of line dances somewhere around here.

Our next door neighbor used to be a DJ at NASA dances at Langley. He sold us a lot of the equipment and he and his wife used to accompany us when we played parties and weddings. When we played PWP every Friday Night, they had a regular table. I had a large stuffed male doll that had on a Tux that I used to dance with when there were not any single men left to dance with. Since Ray DJed most of the time, it left me a lot of time to line dance. I remember DJing for about 6 weeks by myself. Ray was in the hospital with Guillian-Barre Syndrome and I don't think I have ever been so frightened. We really thought he was going to die. I actually tell about the miracle of his healing in my blog Thoughts of Christ: Guillian-Barre Syndrome Miracle 

Well, I better go to bed. I took a Vicodin because of my Carpal Tunnel and RA, and Golden Girls is almost over. Thanks for letting me go down memory lane.