Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Everything went well this morning. In and out in no time. I left my devotional book, but that is okay, someone may need it today. I don't think I really feel any different and Ray says I don't glow in the dark yet. I have been doing around the house today a little. I sure would love to get outside, but I am not supposed to be in the sun during treatment if possible.

Rhonda called last night. There is a dilema at her church, their pastor is retiring in a couple of months. She had a dream that she went to church and they brought in the new pastor and it was Ray. I told her he could probably do it, but he is not ordained as a minister, but as a deacon. I wouldn't mind. He studies his lessons each week so much so he can teach anytime he is called upon. He knows his Bible as good as anyone I have ever met. I told Ray what Rhonda said and he said that was funny. He sang at Rhonda's church on Sunday and before the service an elderly lady asked if he was going to be the new preacher. I have thought of it before, but pushed it to the back of my mind. But, you know how God talks to me sometime!

I met some ladies who were getting radiation this morning. I keep smiling until they do. Either some or depressed or they just are not morning people. I have to keep smiling, not just for me, but for them too.

Wednesday night dinner at church. Since we were not here Sunday, we don't know what is on the menu. I am sure it will be good. Wednesday night dinners are such a wonderful time of fellowship. We learned a lot about our country politics last week from Peggy White. She is teaching us about the early Baptists and the influence that they had in creating the government of this wonderful country.
I forgot about it until just now, but one of our XanGo distributors, Mac McCoy passed away. He had MS for a number of years and XanGo seemed to be the only thing that gave him relief and comfort in the past year or so. He was even able to walk and go up the stairs again. His wife Ann is so sweet. She called me when she heard I was ill. I will send her a card this afternoon.
It is nap time. I feel really tired all of a sudden. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!!!!!