Monday, March 9, 2009


If you have been reading the blog, you know I have been patiently waiting (not really) for my appointment with Dr McKenna this morning. Well, I was almost ready to go, the phone rang, it was his nurse calling to reschedule because he was out sick today. We rescheduled for Wednesday morning and now I have to see Dr Layzer (radiologist) tomorrow morning. Maybe he can call Dr McK.and get the results from the Oncotype testing. The nurse said they could do both at the same time, but that is not what Dr. McK said. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

This was another saga in the emotional roller-coaster of breast cancer. I burst into tears after I hung up the phone. I couldn't help it. I had been waiting 2 weeks and had people praying at 9:45 a.m. this morning. Ray told me not to get upset. He reminded me that I am not in this alone. Besides him, there is the Lord who will carry us through. That helped. Lord, help me to focus on you and not on me. I feel a little numb at this point.

I decided to do some laundry and get the house straightened up some. Anything to keep my mind busy. Didn't work well. so I got back on the computer and looked at the Google reader and put some things on the blog. I hope you enjoyed them.

I am learning more about Google. It is really interesting. I am on Facebook and thought about Twitter, but I read a blog this morning that says the Facebook has more people join in one day than Twitter has members and it would take Twitter 34 years to catch up. You think? Besides, I am not sure I need to belong to another social network. I signed up for MySpace but it seems to me more young children or teenagers. So I will probably delete that one. I am on GoXone with XanGo, but that one is not going so well. No one seems to be signing up.

There is a Saturday training with Marlene Balingit from Las Vegas in Hampton. It will be at the Spring Suites, 1999 Power Plant Parkway.
10:00 a.m. XanGo Overview
11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Business Building

Marlene Balingit and her husband Nick use to own a life insurance company and they liked it, but they were looking for a way to make an escalating residual income so they could one day move back to the Philippines. Marlene has a background in teaching so she was a perfect fit for XanGo. Carole Escolano 500K Premier shared XanGo with her, but it took six months of prodding her in the right direction to get her to finally see it. The rest is history. She was Premier in five months. She was 200K in eight more months! If you can go, you don't want to miss her fantastic story.

Teachers open the doors, but you must enter by yourself. - Chinese proverb

XanGo International Juice LLC is a good company. I am still drinking the juice every day. I think it is helping. Who knows, the cancer could have been worse. The new non-toxic Glimpse skin care is also very good. Someone asked me at church last week if I had a facelift. Trust me. I have not. I have been trying so hard to take better care of myself and this happens. The good news is I found it early.

God isn't finished with me yet! There is so much more that I need to learn and I agree with Donna Clingingpeel, there is something to be learned from this experience. Got to go get dinner fixed. Nothing fancy, just turkey and mashed potatoes. (Leftovers from Sunday)