Monday, March 9, 2009

MARDI GRAS PINK - The Forgotten Party

Peggy Pierce, President of WCNN, is pictured with her husband.

I don't know why I missed this but we DJ'ed the Women's Club of Newport News Mardi Gras Dance on February 28. We had a wonderful time. They had a wonderful dinner of salad, chicken and sausage gumbo, and cornbread. The dinner was wonderful and their was lots of fun by all. The proceeds this year will be going to the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank. They are always in need, but unfortunately a little more than usual this year.

The Women's Club was decorated beautifully. Lots of beads and bangles (me too!). We had a silent auction and I think it did pretty well also.

Ray did his usual excellent job as MC, DJ, and wonderful singer of great songs.

If anyone knows of someone who needs a wonderful DJ, let us know. We could use the extra cash. LOL!

Lady and her husband from the Foodbank on the right.

They had cakes that were donated and we had a cake walk
and so much fun. Ray surprised us by being an auctioneer of one.

Oh! The hidden talents of that wonderful man.

There were so many people who worked so hard on this event. I couldn't possibly remember them all. Linda Rayfield baked the cornbread and helped with the cakewalk.

As soon as I get the names of the others responsible, I will add them. The four young ladies in the center picture below are our servers for the evening, recruited from Warwick High School. Looks like future members to me.
The young lady on the right was our wine server. Her name is Heather and she is a granddaughter of one of our members.