Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What a weekend it was! On Saturday, I went to the Women's Conference at Temple Baptist Church to hear Jennifer O'Neil speak. It was a wonderful conference. There were over 250 women there but there should have been so much more. Jennifer has a powerful witness and I would encourage everyone to take a look at her website. She has gone through so many things in her life and has risen above it all with the help of Jesus Christ. Praise His name! I met some very nice and interesting women. Lunch was provided by Chik Filet and it was greatly appreciated. They had some very good sponsors. Donna Clingingpeel invited me as her guest. She is such a wonderful Christian woman.

Saturday night, I fulfilled my duties as usher at church and welcomed people to "The Easter Song." It was a absolutely awesome experience. Everyone involved with the drama worked so hard. Reverend Dennis Adams was the Music Director and his wife Lynn Adams was the Drama Director. They had a lot of help and they said later that everyone was so cooperative and did everything they were asked. The Spirit was working with them, because it was evident in the performance on Saturday and Sunday night. By calculations, over 750 people witnessed this extraordinary event over the two evenings. (This figure does not include those who participated in the drama.)

Sunday morning was a moving experience. Everyone was so sweet and I received enough hugs to last me a while. Ray and Juanita Wilson were there and I got a big hug from Ray. We are praying for each other. Ray has been diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. Please add him to your prayer list. He and Juanita are such faithful Christians. I love them both so much. They have been awesome Prayer Warriors.

I saw a program the other night by Way of the Master ministries on witnessing to Mormons. It was a great show. Ray Comfort really has a way of putting everything on the line. The following is a quote from the Way of the Master Website.
  • Most of this world knows that Jesus gave His life on the cross as a sacrifice, but they don't understand why. It was a legal transaction.

  • We have violated God's Law through lying, stealing, blasphemy, lust, adultery, hatred, fornication, selfishness, etc.

  • That Law shows that we are guilty criminals standing before the Judge of the Universe. We are heading for God's prison--a terrible place called "Hell."

  • The gospel tells us that Jesus paid our fine through His sacrifice on the cross. That means because of the suffering death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, God can legally dismiss our case.

  • He can commute our death sentence and let us live upon our repentance and faith in Jesus, because our "fine" was paid 2,000 years ago.

  • This is how the Bible puts it: "But God shows and clearly proves His [own] love for us by the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One) died for us" (Romans 5:8, Amplified Bible).


Oh, by the way, if you call me and I don't answer right away, it usually means I don't recognize the number. We answer for the Lions Club. At least Ray does and it is usually someone needing glasses, so I don't answer unless I know the number that is calling. If you let it ring, the answering machine will pick up and if I am home, I will pick up. Don't be afraid to call. I am not really a nap person, although I have been known to fall asleep sitting up at the computer.

Love to all, Barbara