Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This is the day I find out about the chemo. My stomach is in knots. The appointment is at 9:30 am and Ray is taking me. I decided that if Dr. M tells me that I don't have to have chemo, I will call Harrington Place and make an appointment for Jan to cut my hair. If he says that I have to do chemo, I might as well keep it because it will probably fall out in a couple of weeks and then I will don the wig and be the new Lucy! I might have to find a blonder one. No one would recognize me with dark hair. Besides, red hair might look strange with no eyebrows or eyelashes. Dr. M. said I had such a nice smile I could get one of those multi-colored clown wigs. I know I have a postive attitude, but I am not sure I am that positive.

Although, in the 1960s I did have a couple of those wig hats that were made of fake fur. They were fun. I wonder what happened to them? My mother probably threw them out or sold them at a yard sale 40 years ago! LOL! I do have a pink hat, about 6 red hats, 3 black hats, 2 white hats, a Panama Hat, and a gardening hat (I wear this one). I love hats, but every time I put one on, I end up discarding it before I leave the house, or I leave it in the car.

By the way, the Region Meeting was fun. I won a large jewel encrusted brass female lion (from Las Vegas, I hear), and Ray won a Tea Pot with Tea, and gift bag with some cute bunnies for the yard or fireplace. I may make a pic of our stash and put it on the blog. If someone has an idea of what to do with the Lion, I would appreciate it. Maybe EBay? Oh, and Ray won a Lions cup with a bulb from Becky's bulbs. I gave it to Linda because she was such a super friend yesterday.

I have to go get my coat now and get ready to go. Wish me luck if you want, but a little prayer would do more good!