Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The snow is almost gone. I am so happy! It is supposed to be 7o degrees tomorrow. Yesterday wasn't so bad and today was better. Tomorrow is really looking up.

I went to church yesterday for dinner. I was able to pick up Dot and Kitty at the Chesapeake to take them. Beverly Parker and I worked on the website in the parlor until Peggy had to leave and go home because her father-in-law fell. That was okay. We got a lot done and I was able to show her somethings about changing things on the website. It is looking really good and I will put a link on the blog when it is finished. Everyone at church was so supportive and loving. I feel so fortunate to be a member there. We are a real family. It really is amazing how much everyone agrees on most things. I don't think I have ever belonged to any church or organization that was so cohesive. There are some really sweet people there.

For where your treasure is. there your heart will be also. Matthew 6.21