Friday, March 13, 2009


My grandchildren are almost 7 years old and I don't know if I should say anything to them about my health or not. Their Daddy's mother is very ill with cancer and is down to 75 lbs. I know that sounds awful low but I don't think she has ever weighed over 100 lbs in her life (except maybe when she was pregnant). Garrett and Taylor lost their Great-Uncle Clifton last year and it made them so sad. I have this thing about being honest with children so that when something bad happens, they are prepared. Not that anything bad is going to happen to me. I just think sometimes we protect children from the normal crisis of life a little too much. Just my opinion.

We are on our way to North Carolina. Actually, we are at Bojangles trying to get a hot fish sandwich. Ray came out to the car with 2 sandwiches and the cheese wasn't even melted and the bun was cold, like it had been frozen. Probably the last Bojangles fish sandwich we get. Burger King has a really good one, plus they have onion rings. Not to hungry just now. We are going to the Mayflower Seafood Restaurant when we get to Greenville. Rhonda, Jesse, Garrett, and Taylor are meeting us. It will be fun. The food there is great!

I tell you I feel much better since I made the decision to have the chemo. It is like a weight has been lifted. I just spoke to Linda and she is going to fill in for me Sunday as deacon. I have ushers, so we are traveling. I started another blog about motivation and attitude. I will let everyone know when I get some good stuff going on there.

We made it all the way, met family, went to dinner, Sam's Club, and the children came home with us for a while. They helped bring in our stuff. Rhonda came in and vacuumed. The mices have been out. Ray will go get traps tomorrow. We haven't figured out how they get it, but they do. They don't seem to come in when we are here, but they do when no one is here for a while. Normally, they are in the bathrooms, but today there was evidence in the kitchen. We leave everything packed away jars, tins, or in the refridgerator, so they couldn't have found much to eat.

I just love having the Verizon VZ access so I can use my computer and go on the net from here. The cell phone barely works, but the net does. LOL!

Time to call it a day. Just remember, no matter how good or bad things are in your life - GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!