Thursday, March 5, 2009


I went to the Woman's Club Board Meeting this morning. Everyone there was so nice. I am the Parliamentarian and barely had anything to do. Everybody is so busy. I wish I was so into it as they are. I had planned to be, but I am just not up to it yet. Linda Rayfield thanked Ray and I for DJing the Mardi Gras last Saturday. There was a luncheon afterwards for new members and the board. I ate a little but had to leave. I felt so tired and my hips were hurting so. I got home and rested.

When the mail came today, there was a lovely note from Beyond Boobs! –Ms. Mary Beth Gibson (click on title above to link to them). There was a beautiful calendar. There were pictures of beautiful ladies that are going through this or have gone through this. The calendar that has all sorts of information about Breast Cancer and how women are dealing with it. Someone in my Peninsula Women's Network told them. That was so sweet. I learned a lot and I think maybe I haven't been reading enough and will have to read a little more. It also gives lots of resources to get help. I think the most comforting thing about this is all the people who say they are praying for me. I really feel so blessed.

I heard from my mother this afternoon. She spent the day at the UK School of Medicine yesterday. The opthomologist took some extra time to explain to her what is wrong with her eye. I am so glad. They are going to repair the damage from the original cataract surgery. It is just a pity that she had to go through a year of this stress of not being able to see clearly. Please say a prayer for her also. Her surgery will be on March 31.

I am going to add a link to the title of each day from now on to a cancer site if you would like to follow.

This is the day the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!!