Saturday, September 26, 2009


I don't know what to say, those beautiful yellow roses in the picture were sent to me by Kathy Ireland and give me so much hope. Kathy Ireland couldn't have sent anything that inspired me more (unless they were silk and lasted forever). Ray took the picture and I am going to put it in my favorite album. I am so fortunate to have such loving people in my life.

I found out that Martin (Marty) Altman died this week. I worked with him when I was working at Langley. I knew him at least 10 years and worked with him for about 5 years. He was a nice man who had multiple schlerosis. He didn't have a big family and his immediate family was just his wife, Cindy. I saw Cindy on numerous occasions when Marty had a need for me to stop by and take something in for him when he was ill or just working at home. He worked at home quite a bit. Sometimes, it was difficult for him to get into work. He had a laptop and could work there on a lot of his projects. He sold us a generator last year because he had one put on his house. He charged us very little for it.

Bobbi sent me an email saying that Marty had died. I called and left a message for Cindy to call me. She was in New Jersy attending the funeral. She called me on Monday and we made arrangements to meet on Friday after my doctor's appointment. Cindy is Korean and she had been married to Marty for 26 years. Her sister flew in on Tuesday to stay with her for 3 months. She will be coming to live with Cindy as soon as the Visas/green cards are in effect. She is a very nice person, I think. She doesn't speak English yet, but is planning on taking classes in English and business. She is a business woman and travels to Shanghai a lot doing business. She is in the jewelry business. Nothing on a big scale, but on a small scale.

I have decided that I really want to help Cindy acclamate to life without Marty. They really don't have any close friends and she needs help. I contacted a friend at church who is going to meet us after the service tomorrow. Hyon is of Korean descent, but married to an American. Hyon will be a big help, I am sure. It turns out that the best Korean Christian Church will be the one right down the street from us on Harpersville.

Cindy did take my advice and call Marty's brother. He had come and took Marty's laptop and all the paperwork so that he could oversee the estate but he hadn't been exactly kind I think. She called him and got things straightened out. She felt like he took all her money, even though he was just doing what Marty had assigned him to do. Although, I don't agree that someone else should handle her affairs, she will now have the opportunity to go to school with her sister and learn how to take care of her own things. She is not a young girl and she will need to learn if she wants to continue to have a good life. I hope that I can help her in some way.

It will be my first Sunday back at church and the pastor will be there tomorrow. He is back from a revival in Northern Virginia.