Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have received so many cards from members of my church that it is almost overwhelming. I know for a fact that there are over 200 cards. The really comforting thing about the cards is that every time I look at the basket, I see prayers. I see prayers from loving friends and even from people that I really didn't know were my friends. There is so much love in the card basket that I shouldn't even be able to pick it up. I never realized how important it is to get these cards. Most people did more than just sign the card, they actually wrote a comment, prayer, or referenced Scripture. That is a lot of attention to pay to a friend, much less someone who you don't really know very well. I think that is the difference is being a Christian and not being a Christian. As a Christian, we know each other better and are better able to express our feelings. We know what our roots are and what we believe. We reach out every day to witness to those we can. We try not to be exclusive, but it is very difficult. When I see someone that I love that I know does not know Christ, it breaks my heart. I want to be with them in the hearafter. If they do not know Christ the way that I know Christ, they won't be there. I have absolutely no doubt that I will be with Christ in Heaven. I just pray that others would know this too.

But, nowadays, we have email. I have received so many of them, that the numbers are probably in the thousands. If I had printed them out, I guess it would have been more tangible proof, but being a little bit of a tree hugger myself, just couldn't use up all that paper. Unless, you have been in this situation, I don't know how you could realize how much it means to receive a card. I receive one almost every day and it really brightens up my day.

Phone calls are nice, but sometimes it is just difficult to talk. And, I tend to forget what I told who to and get myself in trouble. Not that I am lying, it is that I am drugged up and don't know what I am saying. Actually, I am probably closer to the truth (that people don't want to hear). When I send an email, I usually write what I think and then edit it, it is usually a lot nicer. I found out a long time ago that people take me too seriously sometimes.
Then on the other hand, they don't take me seriously enough. I love people and only want the best for them. Sometimes, I come off as a know it all, and I really don't know it all. I just know that sometimes you can understand hurt better when you have been hurt, sick when you have been sick, grief when a loved one has died, etc.