Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bertha Pink

When I learned that my mother was coming on May 11th for visit, I was so excited and Catherine and I cleaned really good. I even had my daughter in NC cleaning our weekend home. Rhonda has been decorating and made everything look so nice and clean.

We got down to NC on Thursday evening. I had been having a time in the car. I felt almost like I had appendicitis or some such. The pain got so bad that they had to call the rescue squad. They took me to East Carolina Medical Center in New Bern. They took a chest x-ray and a CAT scan and determined that I have pneumonia. How did that happen? I have been so careful. My feet and legs were also swollen and hurt. I have been here in the hospital for the whole time.

My mother has had a ball going from one grand child's home to another. Jeff took her riding around on Sunday and she got to see and hear a lot of things that she hasn't seen before. They wouldn't let me have my computer until yesterday, which was probably a good thing, because I got a lot of sleep.
I really miss my blogs, FaceBook, and Twitter.When I went into Twitter. I literally had hundreds of messages about me being in the hospital and so many have said prayers for me. I feel so special. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I am going to publish this now but will probably post more later. Love to you. Barbara