Monday, September 21, 2009


This picture is Kathy Ireland. She is a Super Model and one of the most Super People that I have ever met. We have not actually met in person, but we are twitter friends forever. She reached out to me at one of the worst moments of my life. During my battle this past 8 months with Breast Cancer and then with Pneumonia, she has been there and encouraged me constantly. She didn't know me from Adam, not to mention she is a mom and a celebrity with lots of responsibilities. She has a huge, very profitable business, a lovely home, beautiful family, but she took the time out of her busy schedule to notice that I was in pain. She has tweeted me almost daily and promised flowers, etc. She doesn't need to send me anything, I am sure that there are people who are much more needy and deserving.

I am asking all my friends and #SweetTweets from twitter to vote for her at www. (Dancing with the Stars). She deserves every vote for her kind and loving heart. I love to dance and respect her so much for just trying to make it on DWTS. And, she is doing this to raise money for charity.

"Comments on Team KATONY have been expressed across many channels of communication, such, Facebook and twitter, where Kathy's good friend Dame Elizabeth Taylor twittered... "I'm so excited to see Kathy Ireland on Dancing With The Stars! She is so beautiful. To watch her in movement will be a golden chance to see beauty in action and grace, which is what that lady is all about... She is beauty personified because it glows from within and takes her on wing." Dame Elizabeth Taylor"

Please vote for her. The link for KATONY is This will tell you about what is going on the the team.

I am expecting more communications from Kathy and will share them on my sister website at