Friday, September 11, 2009


The most Amazing thing happened today. I won the nomination for @AmericanWomannn's BabeAlert on Twitter. How awesome is that? Little ole lady me, A Babe? (Betcha didn't know I knew how to yodel.) This so amazing to me that I even had a chance. Sarah Marshall (@AmericanWomannn) is one of the most wonderful people I know. "Did I mention @BarbaraDuke has been given new babalicious name from @AmericanWomannn #Babealert! Go Babalicious Barbara Go! Know "

Outside of myself, Sarah is the most positive person I know.
She is always looking for the good in things and all those that know her appreciate her so much.

To be labeled "Babe of the Day" on 9/11 was almost more honor than I could stand. I was busy in prayer for the families of the victims of that awful day. Thank you Sarah for helping to make that day more bearable for me.
On 9/11/2001, Ray was in DC taking his Professionable Parliamentarian Exam and I was scared silly when I couldn't get through to him on his cellphone. He actually heard and felt the airplane go down in DC.

Sarah is so positive that I started a new group of friends and she was at the top of the list. My list is #SweetTweets. Anyone can be on this list as long as they are nice people. If you don't see your name on #SweetTweets sometimes, you might want to up your game. Everyone is a #SweetTweet until they do something absolutely awful to get taken off. You will always be forgiven, but have to earn your way back to the list.