Friday, January 23, 2009

Unexpected Pink

The year started out as it has for the past four years, we were at our friends for New Year's Eve. There was lots of fun and silly games. That is what you get when all are Christian, but at least we remembered the New Year coming in. We hugged each other and kissed our spouses. It was great. There was a safe ride home to our respective nests.

Friday morning was New Year's Day. Even though we are on a diet, there was ham, Hoppin' John (black-eyed peas with rice and tomatoes), and cornbread. It was great. We had a quiet day with the sounds of parades and football in the background. Ray watched football and I drew.

I have been getting progressively interested in art. My mother is an artist and has made some beautiful oils and watercolors. I guess I am taking after her in that way as I have in so many other things. It is almost like I was cloned.

Saturday dawned all sunny and I was looking forward to a beautiful day. Ray and I decided that we might make a run to Costco or Sam's Club. When I was getting ready, after my shower, I noticed some stray hairs on my chest. This happens when women get older. I went to pull one out and felt a bump on my breast. I went to the bathroom and rubbed soap on it and could feel it even better. I thought it was only a cyst but decided that I would call in and get an appointment for a mammogram on Monday since I was about six months overdue.

After that I tried not to think about it until Monday morning. I called and they set me up for a mammogram on Tuesday morning. When I got there, the lady apologized to me because they should have told me to get an order from my doctor because I had a lump. So, I called the doctor's office and went in Wednesday for an exam and back to the Breast Center on Thursday for the mammogram. The reason they could not see me on Tuesday was that they had to have a more extensive picture of the lump.

The girls at the Breast Center at Port Warwick were so sweet, courteous, and helpful. One girl was named Irish. She was lovely, but she didn't look Irish. We chatted while she moved my breasts around to capture the right angle. That was not so bad. Women who do her job have to be so together and compassionate for their patients.

My doctor's nurse had made me an appointment for a surgeon on the next Thursday. The doctor is a very nice and after he made me comfortable, he proceeded to take two biopsies. That was a totally unpleasant and uncomfortable experience. I went home to think about the possibilities.