Sunday, January 25, 2009


This morning was awesome. A lot of people at church had read my blog and I received so many hugs and promises of prayer. It was awesome. Ray Wilson has a prayer partner in Richmond that he is calling today to come down and pray for me. They have had some wonderful experiences over the past few months.

Ruby Gilbert is having heart surgery Monday morning and she even prayed for me on the phone at church. I saw her this morning and we hugged and hugged. She sure is spry for her 83 years.

I have received cards from Linda Hoffler, Judy Brett, Helga Dietrich, and one from Agape II Class. I think almost every adult Bible class prayed for me this morning. Since I am on the Welcome Committee, I stayed busy hugging this morning while passing out bulletins. One of the most awesome things that happened this morning was the sermon. Tag Kilgore preached on "Prayer." He is a wonderful preacher. We all love him so much.
I felt so loved this morning. It gave me a much more positive outlook. After church, Ray took me to Cheddar's. I ordered a pot pie and salad. I brought most of it home with his hot chicken fingers.

When Glen and Mary Oder came into the church this morning, Mary brought me a Christmas gift from Kathryn. Kathryn was in Peru for 7 months and we shared a lot of emails, a lot of prayers, and good thoughts. The gift was a pair of small bells that look like little Peruvian People. They are so precious to me because of the sweet Christian young woman who gave them to me. She is in town, but was speaking at another church today. I owe her a lunch soon. She was so wonderful. Even though she was there in Peru, with all the things going on in her life, she prayed for me. Mary said she is looking for a job. I hope she finds one this week. She is getting married in June, I think.

I have had a few emails, but I haven't sent out my blog address to people who are not on Facebook yet. I feel at peace about this today, much more stable than I felt yesterday. Ray Wilson told me to check in the back of the Bible for healing verses. I will do that now and get blog some more later. Yours in Christ!