Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Traveling Pink

Ray and I went down to our home in NC this past weekend. It was a very restful trip. We don't go the way that our GPS  wants us to go. It wants us to go down HW 17 to New Bern and we go down HW 13/11 through Greenville. If we go the GPS way, we would get to drive through parts of The Great Dismal Swamp. Of course, there may be some better places to stop for a potty break. NC has never been a great place for that. We have a list of places that are acceptable to stop at.

It was really funny, Sunday on the way back, we stopped at a small grocery in Whaleyville. Not a fancy place at all, but the bathroom (not pretty) is reasonably clean. A lady and I stood there for about 10 minutes waiting to go in and she finally gave up and went to the Men's room. An employee came to the back and I told her I thought someone had taken up residence in there. She asked me if I saw someone go in there and I said "no, I was waiting because another lady was waiting and finally went into men's room". She tried the door and it was stuck. It came open and no one was there! I felt a little dumb, but the relief of having an empty restroom soon overrode that. When I came out, the other lady was coming out of the Men's Room. We had a good laugh about waiting for no one.

Of course, then I had to buy something, that is the least you can do when you have used the facility. No Diet Dr. Pepper, it was all gone. So I tried a Diet Mt Dew. How refreshing. I was really surprised. I have never had one before. Then I had to have Creole Cheese Popcorn. Not bad, a little hot thought. Ray liked them. Why do we feel obligated to spend money when all we want to do is use the bathroom? I guess it is just courtesy.

Another thing I have discovered when we have traveled, NEVER eat in a place that has a dirty restroom. Can  you imagine what the kitchen is like, if no one cleans the restroom. There is a difference between a clean restroom and a mess one. A clean restroom is clean (it may be a little messy from careless customers), but a dirty one has nastiness. Women definitely know the difference. It is pretty bad when you go into a place, you cannot even pee in. LOL!

I guess that is my soapbox complaint for the week. (Don't you hope so?)

Saturday, I went to Ft Barnwell Baptist Church for my granddaughter's Girl Scout Brownie  Meeting. It was a very good meeting. They made enough money again this year to take an overnight trip to one of the Amusement Parks within driving distance. Last year, they earned enough money to go to the Great Wolf Lodge and Busch Gardens in Williamsburg VA. They had a grand time. Also, there is a trip scheduled to go to the Washington Mall for the Flash Dance by the Girl Scouts to celebrate the 100th Anniversary. I was looking for the video of the instructions but cannot find it this morning.

I love Pinterest. Take a look at this. It is my nephew and friends "planking" in Kentucky. Thoughts of Family  By the way, if you want an invitation to Pinterest,  you need to send me a DM on Twitter with your email address or subscribe to me on Facebook.