Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quilting & Slumberparty Pink

We met at the church to quilt today. It was a quiet day for us to learn some things. I spoke about finding all the quilting videos on YouTube and showed some of the things that I learned watching those videos. I made a small sample about 9" by 18", Lena worked on a quilt for her new great-grandbaby, and Judy worked on a binding for a quilt. We needed a small break to do our own thing today. We are starting today going to met every Thursday. I am thinking about creating the squares here and then we can put them together and quilt at church. If I can ever get the garage fixed into a craft room, it will be a dream come true. I need a place I can go to each day and get on some kind of schedule. I really need to feel like I am useful. The quilts put together in the picture are from the AIDS Quilt. The one in the lower left-hand corner is the one my mother created in memory of my brother, Paul L. Burns. Paul was in one of the first waves of people to die from AIDS in this country. That is when I became interested in quilting. So, when Judy asked me to join the Joy Quilters, it was a no-brainer. It helps to make me feel useful and also helps others. Since I believe that the only way to serve God is to serve others, this works for me.

Sometimes I wonder why I am writing this blog. People have joined and maybe even read it on a regular basis, but they comment very little. I am going to make an effort to leave comments on blogs in the future. The thing we need to remember about making comments is to be nice. There is a big difference between critique and criticism, but some people cannot seem to walk that fine line. If you are not positive in your critique, it comes off as criticism. Maybe I need to print this out so I won't forget.

I watched the People's Choice Awards last night and really enjoyed them. I think I will watch the Awards show this weekend with Ricky Gervase. I have been watching all the interviews this week of people who are nominated. Dolly Parton is one of my favorites and so is Queen Latefah. We will see.

#Slumberparty last Friday was awesome. We all had so much fun and the hour just went by so fast. Our sponsor had bags. Can you believe it? One of my favorite things, purses. @Rebagz was there with BAGS, PURSES, COMPUTER BAGS, MONEY BAGS, etc. Eco-friendly purses. Try and see some of the wonderful designs by award-winning designer, Marty Heebner.

Us gals and guys at Twitter's Friday night #Slumberparty from 11pm-Midnight EST
Come join the magnific @dabneyporte and @mamabritt for a wonderful FUN time.
We have virtual food, drinks, and throw virtual silly string and water balloons. A great time is had by all!


By the way, I am not rewarded with any goods or services for my little ads of businesses promoted by the #Slumberparty. I do it because I love the people who attend and want them to win wonderful gifts and have a good time. I have even hosted on occasion when things are going on and there is no sponsor. If you or someone would like to be a sponsor, please contact me and I will set it up for you. 
Love you all!