Monday, January 9, 2012

Blood PINK

It seems I am always having blood tests. One last Friday for Coumadin check, today for appointment w/cancer Doc next week, one later in the week for Rheumatologist appointment next week. I feel like a pincushion. Why so many? My doctors don't all belong to the same group so they cannot see tests from other doctors. The Cancer Center is part of the major hospital group that I belong to, so all of their doctors can see my tests, but those outside of my group cannot. They have to rely on people faxing them with the info. They may fax today, or next week, or not at all. I am surprised the insurance companies don't make them transfer them electronically. I am sure that this adds to billing with all these duplicates. Oh, I forgot about the doctors offices that have their own little labs. 

Then think about the x-rays. When I had pneumonia, I was in the hospital in New Bern NC for 10 days. Do you think the x-rays taken there were sent to my primary care doctor who is responsible for my major care? A summary was sent that was the opinion of the doctor who saw them in NC. While I was there, I saw almost every doctor in town, except the fertility docs and pediatricians. They agreed I had pneumonia, but there was another thing that they could not figure out. When I came home to VA, I was put back in the hospital and all the same kinds of doctors came to see me. All the same x-rays, blood tests, etc. There were gastro, pulmonary, heart doctors involved. Even my vein doctor became involved. He was so concerned, he had them do a full body scan to see if there was any cancer involved in my bones (it was after I was declared cancer-free from my cancer doctor).

I am finding out now that the term "cancer-free" does not mean that it won't come back. I met a lady the other day who has had 2 lumpectomies previously and now has been diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. She was at the cancer center to speak with her cancer nurse to set up her chemotherapy appointments. Evidently, once you have had cancer there is a pretty strong possibility that it will come back. I know this is not a popular opinion and it is just my own. No one tells you this when they tell you that you are "cancer-free." It doesn't mean "cancer-free" forever.

By the way, all three times she has had cancer, she found it herself just like I did. So, please remember that self-examination is so-o-o-o important!

Anyway, in keeping with my own positivity, I declare me "cancer-free." So, I will keep getting stuck like a pin cushion for as long as it takes.

I think that when I had breast cancer, it had been caused by extreme stress instituted by a very unprofessional bully boss. Then when he retired, the new boss was nice but the bully spoke to him at lunch the first day he was in the office and declared me an incompetent person. It was strange because, the boss I had before him was very positive and loved my innovation and dedication to my work. He praised me constantly and provided me with training that involved sending me to California and Seattle occasionally.

When he retired, the bully boss came. He didn't like the previous boss, so therefore, he did not like me. Luckily, I had become friends with the region chief, who became one of the top people in the agency. I called him on occasion or emailed him with info about what was going on at his request. I even went to personnel about the bully occasionally. I think he finally retired when he was told to retire of get fired. Not a good situation. He had demeaned me so much in the office that the other employees began to believe him. I was at my wits end and when the time came that I could retire, I did.  I thought I could get another job and continue to work but once I got settled down enough to look for another job, I had cancer. Tell me stress doesn't harm your health. Over three years later, I am still not doing so well.

If you are in a situation where you are being bullied, get out, any way you can. Life is too short to let others bully you. At the same time all this was going on, I was ordained as a deacon in my church and I became lead usher. I was elected President of my Lions Club 2 times and held positions in my Woman's Club and NAP Unit. I have never had anything even comparable to happen to me in my life. I am not stupid and have a reasonably high IQ. I am a nice person who lives to help others, because I believe that the only way to serve God is through service to others. Why do you think that this man had such evil notions toward me?

Personally, I think that it is because he is a part of LDS (Mormon). He knew that real Christians believe that LDS is a cult. We believe that they have gone against specific Bible tenants about not believing in new prophets after Christ. We believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God and cannot be replaced by fairy tales of being gods of planets and such (I have read the book of Morman-which has had over 4000 revisions since originally printed). They also don't have much respect for women. So, even though I think of myself as a Conservative, I cannot in good conscious vote for a Mormon for any office, just as I would not vote for a Muslim, Jehovah's Witness, Scientologist, etc.  (I have also read the Koran, and many books about religions)

Here I am on my soapbox again. I really don't like to do that. If you want to quit following me, go ahead. I didn't say I didn't love them, I just wouldn't vote for them.  As a child of the one true God, I love you all.