Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Pink

Valentine's Day is almost here! It is not really my favorite day. When I was single and that was a few years, it always seemed like whoever I was dating would break up just before Valentine's. Either I was dating jerks or just tightwads. LOL! My first husband used to complain when I gained weight, but would give me pounds of chocolate on Valentine's. I couldn't resist and then he had something else to complain about.

Sweet Ray knows better than to give me chocolate. He gives me jewelry and I buy him dinner. He likes food in restaurants. Don't get me wrong, he loves my cooking, but likes to eat dinner with me when I don't have to cook and clean. He likes it when I focus on him. I like it when his focus is on me too.

One of my quilting friends passed away. Her name was Mary Helen Porter. She was a dear sweet lady and she had just turned 71. Since we have a couple of ladies in their 80s, Mary Helen was one of the younger ones, other than me. She was very precise with her quilts and had a wonderful sense of color. She was a wonderful Christian woman who shared her faith with others. She retired as a school teacher and retired from the Newport News School System where she continued to substitute and tutor after she retired. Her obituary and comments on the Legacy network are wonderful. We will surely miss her sweet smile and good humor.

There is a mess going on in our area. A company called "Mo Money" made a big mistake and did not properly file taxes or pay the customers on time. Now the IRS and the Government are all tied up in it. WTKR (CBS) jumped on a report about someone not being able to cash their check from "Mo Money". From everything I have heard, they are charging exorbitant amounts of money to do the taxes in the first place. I am not sure I would have entrusted my tax information to a company that could not spell. I hope they get this all straightened out and those poor people get their money.

I discovered Pinterest. It is just so much fun. I have pinned everything I can think of so far. I even pinned my SweetTweets on Twitter. I made having their real smiling face and real name the only way that I will pin them. Slumberparty is a little different. It is a fun thing. It is a Party.

Oh well, Craig Ferguson is coming on. I need to go to bed now. Love you all