Saturday, January 21, 2012


I may be just showing my ignorance, but I supported SOPA, I think. I am not sure exactly what it means but I do know that the government has too much control over almost everything in our lives. At least, we have free speech and can pretty much say what we want. We have the rights because a few hundred years ago, a bunch of Christians came over from Europe and founded a colony that is supposed to protect our speech and our basic human rights. That is kind of what Christianity is all about - Freedom. Freedom to worship, make our own decisions, say what we feel, and protest things that are not good for the majority of people.

Personally, I am offended by a lot of people on the Internet, druggies, hookers, jerks, etc. I am offended by the way they use the "F" word and other words that people tend to use when they cannot think of anything really intelligent to say. Why in the world would someone want to pose for a picture in the nude and then upload it to Twitter or Facebook where children can see their disgusting body parts. Or, why would they want to let the world know that they are so stupid that even though they were born in the USA, they cannot speak English. I am not talking about the English language, I am talking about those people that think that if they use the fewest letters they can in a word, everyone can understand what they are saying. I am not a medium, I cannot read your mind. Say what you mean in a language I can understand. The point is, if I don't like your language or nudity, I can delete you or block you. I really don't want to see your body parts or stupidity in my timeline. That is because this is the USA and I may not like your language or your morality, but I defend your right to do it. I don't think that it is proper in social media, but that is just my opinion.

I had a wonderful 30 hours. I went to a Doctor Appointment, and 2 Bible Studies yesterday. It was great. I picked my ladies at the Chesapeake and we had dinner at church. I got some housework done. It was very difficult not to turn on the computer, but I didn't. I thought I would turn it on at midnight, but instead, I went to bed early and had a great nights sleep. I probably spend too much time on the computer anyway.

We had quilting at church today. It was great. I found some new ways to cut and put things together from watching quilting videos on YouTube. I know that one night, I stayed up until 3am looking at quilting videos. There are all kinds of videos out there, you can learn just about anything you want to learn how to do on YouTube.

Rebecca started a basic drawing class on Tuesday evening. She had to take Benita, her mother who has Alzheimer's. Poor Benita was so miserable, I told Rebecca to come by and pick me up to ride with her and Benita can stay here and watch TV in a nice warm house. The gym was cold and kind of not a fun place to take a class. Imagine my surprise when I got there and the other 7 students in the class are all 9 years old. Well, I am a little older than that. They called me "Ms. Barbara" and called Rebecca "Miss Edwards." Actually, my grandchildren, twins Garrett and Taylor are 9 years old. So I got along well with the other students. And, I did learn a few things. Got to practice though.

I just got back on the Internet after I came home this afternoon and got dinner on. Wow, loads of email, Empire Avenue is crazy, Twitter is great, Facebook I haven't even looked at yet. I bet Farmville is stuffed with things to do. I know, you thought I quit Farmville, and I did, but I didn't delete it. I am playing catch up and will probably get out again soon. I just like to do it sometimes. It is just fun to do sometimes.

Well, that is my couple of days without computer. I am so tired I am probably  going to have to have a nap just to go on.

Love to you all,