Thursday, January 5, 2012


On my SweetTweets LifePlan Blog I issued a challenge on Jan 5. Eat Less, Move More. Click on the link a take a peek. It doesn't require a diet, just common sense. The reason that I decided to start this is because everywhere you turn, someone is talking about diets. We need to learn how to live. "Live-it" as Richard Simmons used to say.

I am having a wonderful time. I went to PT this morning and zipped right through it. After I got home, lots of leg cramps. That is what I get for trying so hard. I am praying to get me back. I am not sure that I will ever reach that point again. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an awful thing.

And, even when they tell you that you that you are cancer free, the cancer word keeps coming back into your brain. Then you hear about people that are survivors, and then you hear that cancer was found in another part of their body and metastasis. It is always there hanging over your head, no matter how positive you try to be or think. They just don't tell you this could happen again.

We didn't have quilting today because we are having Port at our church this week. Each week a local church gives the homeless dinner, a place to sleep, and breakfast. They have mats, pillows, and blankets that are carried around to the churches and used each night. I haven't heard how many we have this year. It has been so cold, I am sure glad they are not out on the streets. We are not allowed to preach to them or try to convert them in any way unless they specifically ask for help in understanding the life of a Christ-follower. It is an awesome ministry. We have seen many people who have changed their lives and we have helped them to reach a new level. They have places to live and jobs. You cannot help everyone, mainly because some of them don't want any help, either from pride or just plain stubbornness. They get  their 2 hot meals and a place to sleep.

Every Thursday throughout the year, we have Need A Meal. It is a dinner for anyone who needs a meal. There are no qualifications to come to it. There are some homeless, but there are also people who are retired on fixed incomes, or single moms with children. If prayer is your thing, please pray for these people that are visiting First Baptist Church of Newport News this week.

I have been trying to get my house in order. You know what they say. "You can eat an elephant, one bite at a time." So, I am working on my house, one little step at a time. Lots of rest breaks which are mostly spent right here on the computer. It is the sorting that drives you nuts. I did get the Christmas things down today, packed up, and put in the shop. I bought clear plastic boxes to put things in so I could see what is in them without opening them up. If you pack things in cardboard boxes, you end up with mice or bugs. Plastic also keeps things from smelling musty or dusty.

By the way, you know the nice looking coat hangers that are coated in felt so that clothes won't fall off, they are one of the biggest scams around. If you hang a coat on them, the weight of the coat will take the hanger part separate from the rest of the hanger and there is no way to fix it. They are just something to fill the land-fills with. For Pete's sake, don't waste your money.

If you have something that you know doesn't work, let me know by putting it in comments. I will check it out and we will try to make sure that other people don't get scammed.

Lets have fun with this. Love you all.