Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I measured Monday morning and I lost a total of 3 inches in each upper thigh and 2 inches in my lower thighs just above my knee. That is so awesome. It is hard for me to believe and I am living through it. I feel so much better and more like myself. I was actually able to work in the garden on Saturday. I would have Sunday afternoon after church but it was just too hot.
The pain has lessened and I have been able to stop taking the pain medication. I am not in a fog and I am able to do more. I can drive again because I won't drive while I am on pain medication. I don't have to wait for Ray to take me somewhere anymore. Although, I am not a big fan of driving anyway. I much prefer for him to drive.
One thing I have been doing is painting and drawing again. It is so much fun. I can hold the brush or pen without pain. How amazing is that? Before I started working with @ZnaTrainer on the O2 Breakthrough, I could not hold the pencil without pain.
Not to mention, it was hard to type on my blog because of the pain. Hallalulah! If you are interested, go to

I went to my second meeting of WMU (Women's Missionary Union). It was at Mary Lynch's home. There were 10 ladies at the meeting and we had a very nice time. We talked about our missionaries and we prayed for them. Our project this month was to bring coloring books and crayons for our youth group at church to take to the Eastern Shore in August for the children there. I don't think I have ever seen that many color books and crayons in one  place in my life. Sounds like fun to me.
I was always one of those children that just couldn't stay in the lines and I mixed colors like crazy. I was artistic even then.

One of the things I am really good at is decorating. I actually worked at it for a while when I lived in Dallas. I loved drawing and creating window treatments. My mother had a design shop and a lot of my ideas were used. When I was a child, I drew dresses for my paper dolls that looked much nicer than the ones they came with. I also had some pretty fancy clothes for my Barbie Dolls.
I will write more tomorrow. Love to all. Barbara