Saturday, July 3, 2010


I am having the most wonderful time with Zna Trainer and the O2 Breakthrough. I have not had a pain pill in almost 3 weeks. Each weekday morning, I call her and we go through the training. It is so energizing. Today, I will be on BlogTalk Radio with her again. It was so interesting last Wednesday night with my friend Crescenti Williams. Crescenti is a Ordained Minister and they had a spirited conversation. It was a real blessing for me. If I didn't have a big head before, I should now. LOL!
When you have gone through all the things that I have been through, having friends like Zna and Cres is just awesome. They are both so caring and loving.
Well, so far I have lost 3" off my chest, 2" in off my waist, 2" off my hips, and 3" off each top of my thigh. (Not to mention 2" off lower thighs.) I have lost a total of 5 lbs. That may not seem like much but I am strengthening my muscles and building bone with the O2 Breakthrough. Muscles and bone weigh more than fat. This is just an amazing plan. I cannot believe how good the food is and how much better I feel.
My daughter and her family are coming today. I cannot wait to  see them. Rhonda and the twins are going to stay with me all week and we are going to take them home next Friday. I am going to make an itinerary this afternoon for the week. We don't have to do everything, but it is always better to have a plan up front, no matter what you plan to do. You actually end up doing more and having lots more fun than if you just play it by ear. I plan to take lots of pictures and give you an update each day if I am not worn out.
I will try to keep up with my Tweets.
Love you all