Thursday, June 17, 2010


I went to my appointment with Dr. Clark this morning. It has been 9 years since I had gastric bypass surgery. Everything was fine except my Vitamin D was down. He told me I should be taking 2,000 mg of Vitamin D each day and I have only been taking 500 mg. I guess I will be upping the anti from now on.
When I returned home, I called @ZnaTrainer for my daily exercise. What a workout. It was so energizing. Same thing I did on Wednesday but that was good. The more she takes me through it, the more able I will be to do it on my own. She said she might teach me something new tomorrow. I am excited. I lost another pound. This O2 Breakthrough could be what I have been needing all my life.
After exercising and a short rest, I scooted over to Anderson's ShowPlace. It is a beautiful plant nursery. It has a cafe and I met the Joy Sunday Bible Study Class there for lunch. I had some of their wonderful Tomato Basil soup and half a chicken salad sandwich. It was so good. I have been ordering the same thing for years. I guess they have other food that is good or better, but I always ordered the same thing. I took Kitty, Dot, and Pearl back to the Chesapeake Retirement Center.
After that, I went to the second floor and visited Mr. Williams. They have moved him to assisted living. He is somewhat confused but I think after he realizes that it will be better for him, he will be alright. While there was there, they had an ice cream or milk shake party in the activity room. I went with him and helped Cindy the activities director make the shakes.
It was fun, but I got so tired all of a sudden that I had to leave. I came home and laid down and went to sleep until 6 p.m. when Ray woke me up. He was going to Costco to pick up something and I got him to pick up a roasted chicken for dinner.
I never take naps during the day, but this time I totally shut down and really slept good. Must be the O2 Breakthrough.

I promised pictures of my son's wedding to Sharon today. Here they are! She is such a lovely person, I feel privileged to have her as my new daughter-in-law. She is a hair stylist in New Bern and Jeff is a Barber. Sharon has a son named Dylan. I guess this means I have a new grandson! Dylan is the boy on the left and on the right is Garrett, my daughter Rhonda's son.

I also had to include a picture of Garrett with his twin sister, Taylor. As you can see, they are not identical twins. LOL!
We went down last weekend and they stayed with me for a while. Then we got together at Rhonda's for an Italian dinner. I brought homemade ravoli and Rhonda made lasagna. We also had salad and dessert. Quite a nice dinner. Rhonda's husband, Jesse was working on the pool, trying to get it going so the kids could start swimming this week since school is out. They will be 8 years old in July. They are growing so fast.

Rhonda and Jeff bought me a Nintendo DSI for Mother's Day last year and the children love to take pictures with it. Here is one of their pics of Ray.