Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I spoke with Zna at our appointed time. I did the exercises with her instruction. Afterward, I took a power nap and now I am so energized.
We spoke a lot about what kinds of foods to eat this morning and I realized how wrong I have been for so many years when I thought of a good eating plan. Zna outlined good foods and how some foods should only be eaten with other foods. It is a real eye-opener.
I am sure that you have heard this one and I do not think Zna would mind my telling you. You should not eat supermarket chicken, only free-range. Supermarket chicken has so many hormones and pesticides in it, no wonder we are all having autoimmune issues and are getting so fat. It makes perfect sense to me.
Now that I am feeling so great, I am going to call my ladies at the Chesapeake and let them know that I am here to take them to church tonight for dinner and bible study. I spoke with Mr. Williams and I don't think he is doing very well. They may have put him in assisted living. I am going by to see him tomorrow after I see Dr Clark.
Time for my yearly check-up with my favorite doc, Dr. Clark. He performed my gastric bypass in 2001 and I truly don't think I would be here if he hadn't. I was so overweight and miserable and had so many health problems. I felt like I was on the fast track to forever. He saved my life. The only thing is now, I am sure that I would not do it again. I thought I had tried everything, but I think becoming a vegetarian is a definate plan for me. I do like veggies, fruits,  and I think it will make me feel a lot better and live longer (and look better).

 By the way, we had a great time at my mother's birthday in Kentucky. We stayed at my brother's home. There are 4 bedrooms upstairs so there was plenty of room for everyone. The deck and pool in the back were really nice too.We all had a grand time. Sonny had purchased and "Egg" grill and cooked pork for us (barbecued). It was wonderful.
I got to see my stepsister, Linda, whom I haven't seen since my stepfather died at least 10 years ago. I saw my younger sister Cindy who I had not seen in at least 4 years and my sister Jan who I had not seen in 2 years. It has been that long since I was able to travel to Kentucky. Mother turned 80 years old this year. She is an amazing woman.
We talked, cooked, ate, watched movies in the movie room downstairs in the basement. I think Sonny just built the perfect resort. We had so much fun. I got to see great-nephews that I had not been able to meet yet. Karch and Owen are over a year old and I still hadn't met them. They are adorable. I saw much more of Karch because his mother, Heather was staying in the house with us and Owen was with his mom and dad, and brother, Wyatt at their home and only visited us.
Jamie, Wyatt and Owen's Mom brought them over and they played in the pool. Of course, Sonny had rolled the pool cover back. They had a grand time playing with Karch.
On Friday night, we started watching Avatar in the basement movie room and mother decided to go to her house. Cindy went with her and when we were over the movie, we drove over there to spend a couple of nights with her.  It was nice to be able to visit with Cindy. She has always been a little standoffish when we are all together. She likes her privacy. She has turned into a beautiful woman and I love her dearly.
The picture at the bar is at Jeremy's (right) there there is Cindy, me, and mother at the end. It was a fun day when we all went to Jeremy's and then went to Cheddar's for lunch. Jeremy had a decorator help him with the design of his condo, but I think he could have done the job on his own. His previous house was decorated very well.  He has some nice local artwork.
  We had a nice time at mother's and got to bed early. Sunday morning came too soon. Sonny and Pat came over and brought Scones from Panera Bread. They were wonderful. Ray keeps saying that he does not like Panera Bread, but he only had one sandwich there and he chose the bread himself. They have so many kinds with so many different ingredients, I just don't see how he can be so arbitrary sometimes. Anyway, mother made sure that I had some plants in the car to take home.
We drove all day Sunday. It was a very nice ride. Since Monday was Memorial Day, Sunday was a piece of cake. Everyone who was going somewhere, was already there and those going home were waiting for Monday. It was a good travel day. I was able to read, nap, get out the trusty laptop and even tweet that day. Ray always drives, so I get to do stuff. I am much better off when I am doing something. Ray insisted on taking the pictures so there aren't many of him.
When we got home, my Golden Rain Trees in the front were blooming. They sure are pretty. The picture came out well, but not as pretty as they actually are.
I received a tweet from @Kmac4him this morning. Her son was injured in Afghanistan and is home on medical leave.  She sent me a link to his story of coming home and seeing his son for the first time. How wonderful. We have been praying for him every day. I was so happy, I watched with tears in my eyes. Watch if the link works.
Thank you for reading my blog today, I will include pictures of my son's wedding tomorrow. I love you all, Barbara