Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Second Day of the Rest of my Life PINK

I haven't talked to @ZnaTrainer yet this morning, but it will be soon. I am excited about this new adventure. I know I am going to feel better. I already tried some of the O2 exercise and it felt great. I am more focused this morning. Less than an hour before she calls. I can't wait to see what she has for me today.

I just had my one-on-one time with Zna. I am amazed at the energy I feel. The O2 Breakthough Program is an awesome workout and I just cannot believe how simple it really is.  I know I can do this. Zna is a wonderful woman with so many stories of people who have been helped. I am so glad that Twitter brought us together. I weighed at the beginning of the program and then at the end of the program. I lost 2 lbs. Zna says I am doing extremely well for a person who is only on the first day. I finally hit the wall and had to stop. I was exhausted but almost immediately, I felt energized.

I hope others will try her program while she has the time to do the one-on-one with them. She is quickly filling up her times with new clients. I will keep you updated daily how I am doing. Check out!

I will also blog on #SweetTweets Life Plan about what I am doing. I also hope  you click in if you have problems other than weight. I am very well educated in helping others and I would love to be of service to others. No Charge, only hope.

God is Good, All the time, Barbara