Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Y - Yesterday - - A to Z Blogging Challenge

Yesterday was a song written and sung by the Beatles. Yesterday for most people is the day before today,

Yesterday can have a different meaning. It can mean all those days before today. I have even heard the term "yesteryear."

So, how many yesterdays do you have under your belt. I have approximately 23940 yesterdays, give or take a few due to leap years and such. I was born in
Alabama and lived there until I was seven. My mother had remarried and she took my brother and went to French Morocco to be with my stepfather, so I lived with my Daddy's Mama. Those were happy years.

Mother came back when I was seven and we all moved to Montana. That was the coldest place I have ever been.

After that, we lived in Mississippi for a while before we moved to England on a ship in 1957 and lived there for three years. Lots of good yesterdays.

Then we moved back to Mississippi. Those yesterdays went south. Stepfather  drank and had a bad temper.

The point is that we can all look back on yesterdays,  some were bad and if we are really fortunate, more were really good.

We need to quit looking to the past for our happiness. It is right here in the present. We can choose to smile and to be kind, giving us a rich life full of happiness. It does not take lots of money, houses, fancy cars, or diamonds. Find those nice people in your life and treat them special.

Find yourself a good church home to take your family, so that you can meet the type of people that will add to your happiness.

Life is short, and then you die. Unless, you are like me, I am going to live with my father in heaven for eternity.