Thursday, April 3, 2014

C - Color of Cancer - A to Z Blogging Challenge (PR)

History of Cancer Ribbons

Thought to have begun with Napoleon Bonaparte, ribbons to represent illnesses and causes are here to stay.

As we delve into Cancer and the pain it causes to most families, we will learn that it really can not hurt who we are, unless we let it. (borrowed from 

For me, cancer is pink. Pink plays a big part in my life. Pink ribbons, Pink Bows, Pink Flamingos, Pink shoes, etc.. . . . .

All Cancers – Light Purple (Lavender)
Appendix Cancer – Amber
Bile Duct Cancer – Green
Bladder Cancer - Yellow
Bone Cancer – Yellow
Bone Marrow Transplant – Green
Brain Cancer – Gray
Breast Cancer (Women) – Pink (Hot Pink for Inflammatory Breast Cancer, Teal and Pink for
Hereditary Breast Cancer, Teal and Pink for Breast and Gynecologic Cancers Together)
Breast Cancer (Men) – Light Baby Pink and Baby Blue
Cancer Survivor – Purple
Carcinoid Syndrome – Black and White (Zebra-Striped)
Caregiver – Lavender
Cervical Cancer – Teal and White
Childhood Cancer – Gold
Cholangiocarcinoma - Yellow
Chondrosarcoma – Yellow
Colon Cancer – Blue or Brown
Colorectal Cancer – Blue or Brown
Endometrial Cancer - Peach
Esophageal Cancer – Light Purple (periwinkle)
Ewing’s Sarcoma – Yellow 
Gallbladder Cancer – Yellow
Gastric Cancer – Periwinkle Blue
Glioblastoma – Gray 

Gynecological Cancer - Teal Head and Neck Cancer – Burgundy and Ivory or Red and White
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma - Violet
Kidney Cancer (Renal Cell Carcinoma) – Green or Orange
Laryngeal Cancer – Burgundy and White
Leiomyosarcoma - Purple
Leukemia – Orange
Leukemia and Lymphoma Together – Red/White/Red Stripes
Liver Cancer – Emerald or Jade Green
Living (Coping) with Cancer – Blue and Silver
Lung Cancer – Pearl, Clear or White
Lymphedema – Light Blue
Lymphoma (Non-Hodgkins) – Lime Green
Melanoma – Black
Mesothelioma - Pearl
Myeloma – Burgundy
Myeloproliferative Diseases – Orange and Red
Neuroendocrine Cancers – Black and White (Zebra)
Oral Cancer – Burgundy and White or Red and White
Osteosarcoma - Yellow
Ovarian Cancer – Teal
Pancreatic Cancer – Purple
Pharyngeal Cancer – Burgundy and White
Prostate Cancer – Light Blue
Rare Diseases (Including Rare Cancers) – Black and White (Zebra)
Rectal Cancer – Blue
Retinoblastoma – White
Sarcoma – Yellow
Skin Cancer – Orange (with a sun)
Skin Cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) – Red and White
Small Intestine Cancer – Periwinkle blue
Stomach Cancer – Periwinkle Blue
Testicular Cancer – Purple (Orchid or Violet)
Throat Cancer – Burgundy and White
Thyroid Cancer – Blue/Pink-Purple/Teal
Uterine Cancer – Peach or Teal
Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia – Pearl