Friday, April 4, 2014

D - Dementia - A to Z Blogging Challenge Pink

Is your parent, spouse, or a friend exhibiting strange behavior? Do they seem to be forgetting things that have always been important to them? Are the missing appointments, club meetings, arriving late to work a lot. Do they forget birthdays and anniversaries that they have felt were important in the past? Are their bills being paid on time?

Every should pay close attention to their aging parents. After all, if they worked hard all their life to provide for their retirement, we should not let crooks bilk them out of their future. We could end up paying the price for our indifference. I would say that at the first sign of a problem, you should step in and even get counselling with an estate planner or someone who knows the law. If we had been paying closer attention, we would have noticed things that were unusual, before they got out of hand.

Take care of your parents, as they once took care of you. Even if you thought they didn't take care of you very well, step up to the plate to make sure that crooks are not stalking them. There are people out there who are making hundreds of phone calls each day, just looking for that person who may not be "quite right." They know about your parents mental acuity before you do.

Purchasing lots of things on the computer, on the TV (HSN), could be one of the first indications that something is going on. If when visiting your parents home and see "As Seen on TV" merchandise all over the place, some still in the boxes and not even opened. Check with their neighbors and see if UPS or FEDEX trucks are constantly delivering to their house.

Frequently falling, mismanaging money, or staring into space? Find out if you should be concerned about Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia. Not being able to recognize loved ones is a known effect of Alzheimer's, but other signs of dementia are less obvious.

If you find a lot of things are not going well, ask to be put on the list so you can talk to their doctor. If the doctor says it is necessary, consult a lawyer about taking over to keep them out of trouble.

It is not only their future, but yours too. Poor choices on their part because of dementia can also hurt your finances in the future as you struggle to take care of them. Be observant, loving, and concerned. They are your parents, don't let them be hurt by others. Stand up and take a stand!


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