Monday, May 26, 2014

When the World Stopped Turning: A 9/11 tribute

Today is Memorial Day and it is the day we should not forget about what happened on September 11, 2001. Over three thousand people died that day, countless others lives will never be the same. Muslim terrorist carried out a Jahad against our country. They crashed airplanes into the Twin Towers in New York and into the Pentagon in Washington. There was also a plane that went down in Pensylvania. I am not sure where they were going on that one, but the passengers fought the terrorists. They all died. 

Today, we remember those who died on September 11. We also remember all those who have fought and died for the United States since our inception. We remember those who have lost loved ones in the many wars and conflicts. We honor our current Veterans and the sacrifices they have made for our country.

Where were you when the towers were hit? I was home, but my husband was in Washington DC taking a class to become a Professional Parliamentarian. I was beside myself with fear, fear for him, fear for me and my family. Who knew what would be next. It was a crazy time. All I could do was cry when they showed the people jumping out of the building. 

I know that some people are used to this kind of thing. There are many horrible things that are going on in this world. I just cannot imagine why anyone would hate this country enough to do this terrible atrocity.

We have come to the aid of other countries more than any country since time began. We throw our time and money away to other countries. These are resources that would be better spent supporting the people in this country, helping people out of work, children who are hungry, elderly who cannot live off of Social Security, so many more things.

I realize that it is necessary to have the equipment to defend ourselves, but if some crazies in another country want to kill off their own people, let them. They want our recognition, our money, our way of life, but not our God.

They even want to kill us because we do not believe in the same god they do. Make no mistake, my God, who is the ONLY god, is not now, nor has he ever had the name Allah. He is the Great I am, Lord, Savior, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. He was not a prophet; he was and is Lord God Almighty.

I know, some will say that I don't have a very forgiving attitude, but I do. Attitude is everything. It does not mean that because I am an encourager, a kind person, a person who trusts others until they give me a reason not to, or that I am not a Christian. Because I am all these things, does not mean that I am a door mat. I am not! I will stand by my faith, family, friends, and my country by hook or by crook.

We do not need these kind of people in this world. I am just glad that I do not have to worry about them in Heaven. They certainly will not be there. They will be in the Lake of Fire with Satan forever.

I am sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings, but I live in the United States of America and have the "Freedom of Speech" that is not readily available in some other countries. Not to mention, I am a woman. I am also a deacon in my church. I have a voice and plan to use it whenever I think someone might listen.

I really do love people.