Thursday, May 22, 2014

Snail Mail, Email, Gmail, etc., Drives Me Nuts

Have you ever opened up your email program and discovered that you had over a thousand emails? I have, quite often. Not to mention, I have #Gmail, which means that to sort emails, I have to guess who they are from if there is no company listed.

I tend to delete emails when I don't recognize the name. Then, since I have a PC laptop and a Ipad/Iphone, they consolidate all the emails from Gmail, AOL, Verizon, Yahoo, etc.

Sometimes things can get a little confusing. You say that you only want personal emails on one service, business emails on another. Next thing you know, everyone has all your email addresses and sends the same thing to all of them.

I look at email in the morning and just want to pull out my hair, which is not a good idea since it has started to come out on its own.

This started the wheels turning and I remembered when I was working for the Air Force as an Executive Assistant for five audit offices at different bases. I began there when they were transitioning to computers from word processors.

I was actually the first executive assistant to have a computer on my desk in our division, possible our command. After a few months, with more and more people coming online, we realized that some changes had to be made.

 It was a little easier there, because the office symbol was included with email from others on base. Then there were emails that involved specific tasks, so we learned to put a suspense date in the subject.

When I went to the audit agency, we would enter the project number and subject for each audit. Everything became so organized, which we all know makes our lives better.

In the past 5 years since I retired, I have become increasing prolific on my computer. I do newsletters and blog posts.

I also am a member of my church, the Women's Club, the Lions Club, the National Association of Parliamentarians, etc. Each one of these organizations and all the other things that I have joined on line come into my #Gmail box.

Most of the time, I recognize the person's name, but sometimes I do not.  This means I might have to open it up. It does fall under the category of "UNKNOWN" like phone calls from telemarketers (which I never answer).

Then there are the sneaky marketers that squeeze under the SPAM controls with what looks like a personal email. I make sure their next email is entered under SPAM where I will never have to see it.

I am asking a favor for myself, but it may help you also, especially for those of us who get hundreds of emails a day. Could you please enter "Descriptions" for your email in the subject line? 

                FBC - Prayer Concerns
                FBC - Deacon​s
                FBC  - Staff

Women's Club:
                GFWC - National
                NNWC - Social Local

Lions Clubs:
                NNlions - Projects
                Lions District 
                Lions International       etc., etc. . . . . 

I would be able to organize my email easier, and so would you, not to mention, send an answer quicker. You could even "flag" the email if it is time-sensitive.

I have been known to delete emails that I didn't recognize who it was from because of SPAM, Viruses, etc.

Thanks for your consideration, 

Barbara Duke
Professional Encourager