Thursday, June 2, 2011

Helen and Wilma Pink!

We were in NC last weekend and I mostly just got to watch the Twitter #slumberparty. I did get one or two tweets in, but most of the time, I could only read what was going on. They had a blast. The pictures to the right are things that were won from Helen and Wilma's  Check them out for some really lovely gifts. While you are there, help them out and "Like" their page. Helen and Wilma's is located in  Roseville, California

Big Thanks to Michelle Parry for the wonderful gifts. There were 5 in all and most were worth over $100. The ladies who won the prizes have been excited about their wins all week. 
For this Friday Jun 3, @DabneyPorte announced "I am Thrilled to share with you our sponsor of this weeks party @DebbieHaywood of Two Sisters Gallery!" There is also a FaceBook page for Two Sisters Gallery. Visit and "Like" them too. You can see the prizes for the Scavenger Hunt at the only REAL #Twitter #Slumberparty brought to you by @dabneyport. Make sure that you "follow" everyone at the party so you can see all the tweets.

Join us on Twitter Friday night at 11 p.m EST for some of the greatest tweeting on Twitter. We even have a DJ! There will be  Virtual Latte, wine, popcorn, chocolate, ice cream. Remember, virtual doesn't stick to the thighs. We have. . . .
played Twister too.

I have been a little under the weather this week with a sore throat. The shots I get each week lower my resistance and I am liable to catch anything. We drove home from NC on Monday and I woke up with sore throat on Tuesday. Benita has been here during the day since Tuesday. She is getting more relaxed here and trying to help out. So I let her wash clean dishes. It seems to give her a sense of accomplishment. I thing that a dementia would be the worst thing that could happen. Protect yourself and take care of your brain cells.

Garrett and Taylor were so excited to see us when we got to NC last Friday night. We didn't actually see them until Saturday morning and they stayed all day with us. I made dinner and they watched the Disney Channel most of the day. I don't remember watching the same shows over and over, do you? Rhonda had gone to her Aunt Joy's to help her other aunt clean. Hazel went with them. Joy was in the UK with her new husband and their house was available last Friday. The woman who lived there before had cats and Joy is allergic, therefore it had to be cleaned very well. The house is in Morehead NC on the Beach. Rhonda says it is absolutely beautiful. It is in a gated community, with swimming pool and clubhouse. The house is huge.

It was alright, I had fun with the children. We had dinner at Rhonda's on Sunday. There was hamburgers and Hot Dogs for Memorial day. They were great. My son Jeff and his wife, Sharon came and brought Dillon so Garrett had someone to play with. They found out that they are 9 weeks pregnant.  Another grandbaby, can you believe it. I am so excited. We had a lovely time. My former mother-in-law, Hazel came and Rhonda's Aunt Jill and Uncle David were also there. Jesse's brother, Cecil and his wife Teresa were there too. There was a mean kick ball game going on when we left. I had planted some lirope and wanted to get back to water it before the sun with down completely. I didn't want to be out in the dark watering them.
 Eastern Kingsnake
When I was planting them, Garrett screamed at me to not move because there was a snake. There was a snake. it was about 5 ft and black with white stripes. I thought it was a kingsnake and I was right. An eastern kingsnake. They are constrictors and eat small mice, eggs, frogs, etc. They also eat other snakes, such as copperheads and rattlesnakes. We didn't do anything to it. Garrett said Jesse would have killed it, but I think it is better to let him stay and take care of the mice. They want in the house whenever they can, so if there is a snake under the house, that should take care of that problem.

I received a lovely package from @UdderlySmooth today with some samples, purse size tubes, and a jar of UdderCream. It is wonderful. Smells so nice and makes skin feel great. Thanks again to UdderlySmooth for sponsoring @DabneyPorte's Twitter #slumberparty !

Think I will go to bed now. Love to all, GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!