Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Pink

Have you been to the Twitter Slumber Party? Friday nights at 11 p.m. EST. It lasts for an hour, but usually gets going a little before 11 and continues after 1200am. We have so much fun. The lovely @DabneyPorte hosts the evening with help from others. Last Friday was sponsored by Udderly Smooth (Big Cow - @UdderlySmooth on Twitter). There were five games with prizes.  We had so much fun. I am not good at the games and if you want to play them, you need to read @DabneyPorte's FaceBook Page Twitter Slumber Party. The rules for #Slumberparty are there and you play on Twitter. Or, even if you don't play the games, come and do the virtual chat, where you have virtual drinks, popcorn, chips, cake, cookies, etc...... Good News is Virtual doesn't stick to your thighs, and you meet some awesome Tweets. Thanks again to UdderlySmooth for sponsoring last Friday. Wonderful cream!
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Bryan & Jeremy Bates
Something wonderful happened this week, my mother, Bertha, turned 81 years young. She is an amazing woman and I love her very much. She is pictured on the left with Jamie, Owen, Wyatt, and Uncle Jeremy. Bryan, the Dad, is taking the picture. I wish we could have been there but it just wasn't possible this year. We were there for the 80th though, even though we missed the big party. Mother is an artist who was a Interior Designer during most of her working life. She had a shop in Plano Texas that was amazing. She did some design work for the Design Center in Dallas and was featured in a Southern Living at least once. She worked with other designers to service the customers in Plano. She had the best upholstery shop in town. People didn't mind it being more expensive because they knew that the work and materials used by "Mrs. Burns" was the best. She sold her business about 11 years ago and moved to Lexington KY.

She loves Lexington and my brother, Sonny Bates, who owns Bates Security Facebook (Sonitrol and ADR Security) lives there and Jeremy and Bryan are his sons who work in the business. Jeremy is the General Manager now and Bryan is the Sales Manager, since Sonny is semi-retired. If you go to the link above, and "Like" the FB. . . .
page, you will be entered to win either and IPad 2 or gift cards to Malones. It is a great deal and I am sure they are giving away an IPad in June. Try it. Please tell them I sent you. 

Benita and I are doing well. We went to quilting yesterday and I am making 2 Batman and Robin quilts for CHKD (Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters). It was so much fun. Benita seemed to enjoy it. We are getting along well. In a week or so, school will be out and she will be with her daughter who is a teacher during the day. I will miss her but I am sure that Rebecca will need a rest and bring her by occasionally.

We had a grand time at the Lions State Convention in Richmond last weekend. Take a look at the Lions District 24D page and look at the pictures. By the way, I created this page on FB for them. It is doing pretty good.

Ray and I are leaving to go to #NCVerizonWirelessPurgatory tonight for the weekend. I call it that because I can never get enough towers to get on the Internet with my 3G phone modem. I was assured by Verizon that when I signed up that I would be able to use it at our home in NC. Not so. That was over 4 years ago when I first started paying for the service. I haven't changed because they say it isn't much better on another service. Oh, well, until it changes, that is my nickname for them.

I watched Oprah's last show on DVR. It was so good. One of my favorite things I learned: "Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into the room." and "Everything you did to me has already been done to you." from the Color Purple. The Golden Rule to the tenth power. Oprah has probably made more difference in this world than any other individual in the past 25 years. She will be missed but she has the OWN Network now, so she is not completely gone. Thank God.  Which by the way she did. We must all feel worthy of the world we have and the happiness we attain.

I hope to be at the Twitter #slumberparty tonight at 11 p.m. but if I am not you can still be there. On regular Twitter, just enter it into the search and it will bring it up for you to see the tweets. Or if you are #TweetDeck, Create a column for it. It is so much fun.

Take care and have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. By the way, please pray for those who have lost loved ones in the military. It is a very difficult time for some. Go to a parade and say hello to a Veteran. Give them a hug. We owe them a debt we will never be able to repay.