Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Viaggio Pink

A few weeks ago, our Diva Coach Dabney Porte hosted a Twitter #slumberparty on a Friday night at 11 p.m. EST. The lovely Dabney had procured a sponsor for the party and that was Viaggio, owned by Julienne Paulson.  Julienne is an amazing lady.
I was so disappointed that I could only watch and not participate because I was in #VerizonWireless Purgatory and couldn't even tweet.

Julienne provided five prizes for the games, listed below:
  • @princessaeryn 
    won: Journal w/Swarovski crystal birthstone charm.
  • @alongcamemary1 won: Journal w/Sterling silver Mended Heart charm. 
  • @elivya won: Sterling silver chain w/Detour charm.
  • @sunnee63 won: Journal w/Sterling Silver chain & Celebration charm.
  • @tiffany053p
     won: Viaggio signature Sterling silver bangle w/journal & birthstone charm

"When my great grandmother's charm bracelet was passed down to me, I wished I had known what each charm meant to her. Viaggio's bracelet has captured this so beautifully! Now as I begin my own journey, I am able to document my experiences so that my children will have a true heirloom to treasure." Julienne Paulson
For some unknown reason, I cannot download a picture of the bracelet, so could you take a look at the links below. It is so beautiful.  It is definitely on my wish list.
Check out the links out to see the absolutely beautiful bracelet and charms. Hear the touching story of the history of the bracelet.
Viaggio Bracelet      Viaggio Charms      Viaggio Video     Viaggio Mp3 file 

I apologize for being so late to post this. We had a lightning strike and lost 2 computers, TV, phones, and circuit board on A/C. What a time.