Saturday, June 4, 2011

Two Sisters Gallery - Twitter #SlumberParty Pink

Beautiful Bee Pen ~ Value $44  
KITRAS ART GLASS Fairy Orb (sun catcher) Value ~ $46
Novo Beads ~ Value $116.00

Seda France Japanese Quince candle

Last nights Twitter #SlumberParty was wonderful. I actually got all the answers for the 5 gifts but I just wasn't fast enough to get it there first. Last night's sponsor was @DebbieHaywood  of Two Sisters Gallery located in Bel Air, Maryland. 

They have some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. They are going international and I know they will do very well. They were so generous at the Twitter #SlumberParty. There were 5 lovely gifts.  We all appreciate their sponsoring our #slumberparty. They are amazing and they have some really lovely merchandize. I would love to go to their shop and look around. If you are close,
maybe you can go for me and let me know what you see. 

It is just wonderful that @DabneyPorte is such a great entrepreneur that she can get so many wonderful sponsors for the Twitter #SlumberParty. The party was so much fun and that hour just wasn't long enough. I think that there was even an #after #slumberparty. LOL! Everyone is so creative. Pillow fights, line dancing, hot donuts, coffee/latte, wine, popcorn, and of course lots of chocolate chip cookies.
Lots of pretty PJs, and the DJ, @WayneHurlbert had his birthday party there.

Jessica Northey (@jessicanorthey) from #CMchat (Country Music Chat) was there having a great time. @VectoringMomma @itsmamaafrika @womanonajourney @vicmaranto @coffeeluvinmom @rocknhorses @HELENSStudio @lovinmomma8 @lisaaudino @melissaonline @LoriMoreno @inowgb @geekbabe  @growinggold @SteveCassady @afineday @womanonajourney and @miriamgomberg are just a few of the people who showed up, all having fun.

There were even former sponsors there with interesting comments. @1DeVineGal and I think I saw @UdderlySmooth. I was sitting here this afternoon and received another package from UdderlySmooth. There  is a basket with a Cow hat/pump/lots of product. I got a package the other day. Now I think that I can use  some to make up a basket for our Lions Club to raffle for the next State Convention and maybe raffle some to raise money for our club. Their product is so awesome. I am always looking for creams and lotions because I have eczema. Prednisone keeps it in check but I always need something to make my skin moist and Udderly Smooth sure does.

We had our Newport News Host Lions Club White Cane Days today. We secured a spot in front of Harris Teeter Grocery Store on Warwick Blvd. They were so kind. They even let us sell brooms. We gave everyone a White Cane Pin whether they donated or not on their way in. Most people had money in there hand when they came out for our jar. The White Cane donations are used to purchase eye glasses for those who do not have the resources to do so. It is a very good fund raiser, because we really don't have to sell anything. People went home and brought glasses they had been saving to put in our box. All in all, it was a pretty great day.

I have been feeling poorly all week. I felt almost like I had strep throat, except it would clear up by noon each day. I think the RA settles in different spots. Even the doctor was surprised at how raspy my voice has become.

Our Wednesday night Bible Study with Pastor Dale was awesome. There were many prayers going out for our ministries. I donated 20 dishcloths that I made to the new playground for the nursery school at church. They are selling them for $4 and I have 40 more to donate. I crochet them out of 100% cotton and they make wonderful dishcloths. They also make wonderful face cloths. They exfoliate skin very well. Making them helps me keep my hands limber. The RA makes them stiff.
 The Children't ministry is also selling the church's cookbook for $15. They are also going to use the money for the new playground.

I guess I better go. Ray wants to go to Sam's Club. Love to all and remember