Monday, April 25, 2011

NC Verizon Wireless Purgatory Pink

We went to NC for Easter weekend. It was wonderful to see my daughter and her family. The twins are doing well. They enjoyed Easter at church and then we were at their house for dinner. Rhonda fixed potato salad and mashed potato salads, regular salad, Hawaiian rolls, and Jesse cooked pork on the grill along with our traditional fill in hot dogs. Rhonda and her sister-in-law Teresa hid about 60 eggs. Some had candy in them, some had money in them. The twins thought it was awesome. Then there was the annual Egg Toss. Besides breaking two eggs before they even started, it all went well, Garrett and his Uncle Cecil won. I couldn't believe how far they could throw those eggs without breaking them. Some even hit the ground and didn't break. No one got egg all over them. Darn! Just too clean a game. Afterward, the twins drove their four-wheelers around and round the house. You need to stay on the porch when that happens. LOL! At 8 (almost 9) years old, they are little speed demons. You can bet they had on safety gear, to include helmets.

We got up this morning, straightened up the house, packed the car, and drove home. We stopped at BoJangles for brunch. It was great. I don't remember much about the drive, I was concentrating on our Dave Ramsey CDs that I ordered last week. They came in time for the trip. I want to learn to be debt free! My son and his wife took the class before they got married and are almost there already. Jeff says after a while, it becomes like a game to see how to plan things to get your life to be like the life you have always wanted. We have listened to about 6 of the CDs and what he has to say so  far, makes a lot of good common sense.

Everyone is so excited about the Royal Wedding coming up next weekend. I think it is great, but a little over the top. I saw the Queen when I was a young girl. She wore hats then too. We lived in England for three years. It was cold, damp, and foggy. Of course, everything was green and pretty, but we missed the warmth of the Mississippi Delta. One morning, I had on my white hooded raincoat and white boots. I walked about 10 feet in front of my best friend all the way to school and she never saw or heard me until we got to the school door. I had watched the ground the whole way just to get there and she was too. The fog not only hid me, it muffled the sound of my rubber boots. Rusty Loper just couldn't believe I was ahead of her and her little sister, Dusty. (Rusty was a red-head and Dusty had black hair) Both were so cute. My other friend, Judy Roberts, went to Mildenhall to school and rode a bus. We went on Lakenheath AB and could walk to school.

This is a picture of my sister Jan in Jacksonville Fl with her twin grand-daughters, Summer and Savanah. Aren't they sweet. Her daughter Erika has 4 little girls, and her daughter Heather has 3 little girls and is expecting again. Needless to say, they are pulling for a boy, but at this rate, what are the odds?

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Got some things to do. Rebecca is bring Benita over to stay this evening while she teaches an art class.
I will try to write some more tomorrow.
Love to all, Barbara
God is Good, All the Time!