Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hi #SweetTweets,
Spring has sprung in South Eastern Virginia. Isn't the Cardinal beautiful. When I go outside, the birds are everywhere. Actually, it is hard to sleep in around here, they are pretty loud in the morning. I just love birds. It is a shame that the  mail bird gets all the attention because of his beautiful feathers. In  bird land, the females aren't dressed up at all. I love it when the robins start chasing their little chicks around. And the mockingbird mocks all the other birds and people too if he gets the chance.

I just love Spring, it gives such hope for the future when you see the trees budding out into beautiful flowers. The Japanese Cherry Trees on Canon Boulevard were absolutely gorgeous.

My friend, Benita, is staying with me during the day now. She has the early stages of Alzheimer's. She can still take care of her personal needs and she is so sweet. We enjoy having her here with us. She comes in the morning and has breakfast with me. We watch TV most of the morning, eat lunch, and she takes a nap. Then we watch TV until her daughter comes to pick her up. I am reading up on this condition so I can get some incite as to how to keep her from agitated. I have read that an agitated state could actually make the condition worse. She has been my friend for over 10 years. We were both in the Women's club together. She used to save me a place at her table at the annual style show and luncheon at the James River Country Club. She is a member of our church and she sang in the choir for years with her husband, Norman. They were a dynamic couple here in this area, always volunteering. Benita was on the City of NN Boards and Commissions for a long time. She helped with fund-raisers to help the seamen staying at the shipyard and so many other things. I think their fortune was decimated during the stock market downturn. There is not much left and Norman passed away last November. Since then, her daughter has moved in with her and is taking care of her. I found out from her daughter and others from our church that her daytime care-giver was frightening her. Anyway, the daughter fired the woman before Spring Break. I prayed about it and spoke to Ray about it. I called her daughter and told her I would like to take care of her mother during the day while she was at work. So here we are. So far, so good.

Ray and I DJ'ed the District 24D Governor's Ball last night at the Crown Plaza in Williamsburg. It was a very nice dinner, There was a magician, there who was very good. He has been doing this for 30 years. He plays parties, receptions, on stage, you name it. I cannot find his business card but I will be getting the information and posting it on this blog. He kept people going during the time before dinner by going around with a little table and doing card tricks. Then, after we ate, he did a show. I have always loved magicians, so I had a good time.

After that, Ray played music and sang. One of our former District Governor's, Debbie Ivey, sang some selected Patsy Cline songs. Then, one of our future DGs, Lion Donnie Johnson came up and sang some Elvis selections. We had a good time. The only bad part is I helped to get the equipment to the car and paid for it in pain this morning. I had a difficult time sleeping also. I think I even tweeted from the Hotel. There was a really bad thunderstorm and considerable damage in the surrounding area last night. I even tweeted out, "It's raining cats and dogs out there, no wonder the gutters keep getting stopped up." I got some pretty awesome tweets about that one. One lady said she told her children and ended up in a giggle fest for the whole family. That is great. I really like to hear things like that. If I can make someone smile, or laugh out loud, that is the best.
I am going to try to write more about what is going on with my illness and with Benita's. I pray that you all are having a wonderful Sunday. God is good, All the time!