Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hurricane Earl is sweeping toward NC Outer Banks as I type this. I am not frightened of it. The thing that concerns me is the amount of storms out there in the Atlantic waiting to come in. I am not sure we are going to make it to NC home this weekend. I really want to go, but I have had so much trouble this week with the RA and my right hand and arm. The pain has been excruciating. I was put on antibiotics again because the Z-PAC didn't work. Now I am on something else. Anyway, you aren't supposed to take the Embrel shots if you are on antibiotics. By Sunday night the pain was so awful, I took the shot and 20mg of prednisone. Here it is Wednesday, and I just got back the use of my hand. Thought I better write in my blog so that if it goes down again tomorrow, you all will know what happened.

Cresenti came by this afternoon on her way back to NC. She was going to pick up her granddaughter and take her for a few days. Good plan with a hurricane coming. She was upset. Her lawyer is trying to get out of representing her. I think her firm got bent out of joint because she converted to contingency plan and won't get any more money until the case is done, if then. She is pretending that she made a mistake so that it would look illegal for her to continue. She told Cresenti that she will contact the Bar association to find out if what she did was alright or not. She would have to turn Cresenti over to another lawyer which means that Cresenti would have to pay someone else. I told her that she ought to let it be known that she can contact the bar association just as easy as the lawyer could. I may be wrong, but it sure sounds fishy to me.

There was an article in the Religious Herald about a member of our church whose son was lured into the Morman Church. Ray sent it out on FaceBook and I tweeted it. Pastor Seley had them printed and out for the congregation to pick up on Sunday. I found it in the Religious Herald from June 15, 2006. Very interesting article. I will expand on my Thoughts of Christ Blog later this month.

Zna called me Tuesday and I shared a workout with her sister and learned a new O2 Secret. It was really good. Made me light-headed though. I was supposed to go on this morning with another class but I had company and tweeted her that I was busy. Now, we may leave early Thursday morning to go to NC because of the hurricane. I really got nauseated Tuesday after the workout because I am on the pain medication. At least, maybe I can go off the medication before I workout again.