Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day Pink

We drove down to NC for the weekend. We went out for a Mexican Dinner at our favorite place in Kinston. It was so good. Afterward, we went to Roses. I haven't been in a Roses store in ages. I bought some little blankets for the kids to use at our house. They had some great prices.

Ray and I went to Sam's Club on Sunday and bought a big rack of pork ribs. We took them to Rhonda's and Jesse  put them on the grill after Rhonda parboiled them. We had them with red-potato salad, corn on the cob, and yummy rolls. Later we had strawberry shortcake. Jeff and Sharon brought Dillon and Grandmother Hazel followed them. We finally got to see Taylor's Dance Recital on DVD.

It was a restful weekend altogether and the ride home wasn't bad. Not as much traffic as we thought there would be with the holiday weekend. I had an appointment on Wednesday and my blood PT/INR was too  high (4.6), so I had to go back on Friday and it was 2.6. Thank God.

It was a sad week. On Sunday, Sept 3, our neighbor, Chuck Kessler, passed away. Chuck was a dear sweet man. He and his wife, Barbara, used to keep our grass cut back when I was working. They helped us in so many ways. Our dogs thought they were their grandparents because Chuck and Barbara would watch them when we went off for the weekend or even a week. They couldn't stand the thought of Precious at the Vet for a week or Pepe when he came along. Lovely people. We took them with us as "Roadies" for a long time when we DJ'd. Chuck was a DJ at the NASA Dances in Hampton 20 years ago and had retired but loved going with us. They could dance so well. We went to the reception for him even though it was for family. His niece, Paula is married to Ray's son, Kevin so we are related in a way. The funeral was on Thursday at the Lutheran Church on HW 17. There was a nice crowd and the funeral itself was pretty formal. Chuck was cremated, so it was more of a memorial service.

Evelyn Kenney also passed away on September 3. Evelyn was living in healthcare at the Chesapeake. Reverend Dr. Furman Kenney is her husband. He married Ray and I over 15 years ago and is also in our Lions Club. Evelyn was a lovely woman, great mother, and wonderful wife. She was also a minister but followed her husband of over 60 years. Dr. Kenney was instrumental in starting the Chesapeake when it was known as the Baptist Home. He has a lovely apartment there and has written 4 books in the past few years and I hear that he is working on a new murder mystery.

The third person in my life to pass away this week was Connie Rowe. Connie was a hairdresser that worked at Hairrington Place on Warwick Boulevard in Hilton. When I went in to get my haircut in January 2010, I told her I was going to have surgery for breast cancer. Then she told me that she was starting chemo the next week for cervical cancer. She didn't work any more after that day. She was a ray of sunshine in her life. She brought a smile to everyone.

The most comforting thing about these three dear people, they were devout Christians. It is so much easier when someone you know is a Christian goes to be with the Lord. It is more of a celebration than mourning. I love them all, will miss them, but I will see them again. Praise the Lord. 
God is Good, All the time.