Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a Week Pink

Clay, Erika, Savannah & Summer
I have two new great-nieces, Savannah and Summer. My lovely niece Erika and husband Clay Scaramaca. They are pictured to the right. Erika is my sister Jan's youngest daughter. They live in Florida not too far from Jan. That is a good thing. Erika has 2 little girls already and I know from experience, twins are a handful. All of Jan's grandchildren are girls. LOL! I think that Heather in Texas has 3 little girls. It is hard to keep up with them all. I can barely keep up with ours. Now I want to go to Florida to visit. I just don't know how our family got so scattered. LOL! Don't you just love babies?                                                                                             I have been sick with the flu since last Thursday. Started out with sneezing, then nausea, then the big "D", fever, dizzy, tired. What else could happen, today it seems to have traveled to my chest. I guess I really need to go to the doctor. I have blood tests this afternoon and I am going to see the doctor after that. Dear Catherine is here today helping me out with the house. I just love her sweet smile and all the help she has been to me all this past year.                                                                  I have been tweeting a lot lately. I have over 32,000 followers. They are so positive. I try to select people with smiles. That way, when I pull up the TweetDeck, everyone is smiling at me. It is so much easier to be positive to smiles. I unfollow lots of people each month who do not follow me back. I think of Twitter as a 2-way street. I follow you, you follow me. Those "celebrities" who do not follow me aren't followed by me over a few days, because they get unfollowed at the end on the month, just like everybody else. Kathy Ireland is the sweetest celebrity, she follows me too, so she never gets deleted. She is so real in everything she does. Her life would be a much better watch than some of the reality shows on TV. She is busy and traveling around the world for charities. Her business is doing well and people really love her. 

It is a beautiful day here in Southeastern Virginia. 72 degrees this morning but only getting to 80 later. I would love to be out in the yard, but I just feel so bad, so I am blogging and tweeting. I even worked on FarmVille some this morning. I guess I am going to have to just quit Farmville. It has gotten aggravating. I like to make the screen big when I am working on the farm and it seems to go back to small screen every minute or two. It is just frustrating to try to do anything. Now, I have to stop planting and go to the Marketplace to purchase gas for my tractor/seeder/harvester. How aggravating is that. Not really a game any more. Becoming like real life, and that could become very boring.
Time for pills. I have missed my O2Breakthrough Training with @ZnaTrainer since last Thursday. I have had trouble breathing and if you cannot take deep breaths, O2 Training doesn't work. Oxygenation is what Zna calls it and it is a very unique way to do it. It really helps with my RA pain, but right now all it does is make me cough. I have viruses. I hope there is something the doctor can give me to help with this problem I have.
I need to get better so I can go to  church tomorrow. I suppose Carol could take the ladies, but I would hate to miss dinner and Bible teaching, even though I have the teaching on DVD. I was going to put them on UTube, but they changed when Google acquired it. Now you cannot put a video on longer than 10 minutes and my videos are over 30 minutes. I cannot even put them on the blog. Pastor Dale Seley is a wonderful pastor and teacher and I am sure that everyone would enjoy his teaching. Maybe when they get the new church website up, they can put his sermons on or at least as podcasts.
I am praying for you today. God is Good, All the time, Love, Barbara